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June 21, 2006 | Central jakarta, CUISINE, JAKARTA, Malaysia Singapore

Last Friday, I tried this “roti canai with chicken curry” (18K) at Penang Place – Plaza Indonesia. When the waiter taking my order, she asked me whether I want the “Roti Canai” soft or crispy, and I said firm. When it came, the dish looks so crispy, I asked the waiter again and she said it was the soft one. I’m rather disappointed – its so different from the one I hat in Penang or KL, I think Roti Canai suppose to be soft and a little bit oily, and the curry tasted too sweet.

roti canai

Penang Place
Plaza Indonesia L3 F-12
Jakarta 10350
ph. (021) 310-7620
fx. (021) 310-7651

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  • Sasha

    The Curry taste is ok , ‘coz saya memang suka curry yang manis :), tapi roti canainya tipis dan kering banget. not recommended lebih cocok di sebut bakwan kale yach….hi hi hi. New name “Bakwan with chicken curry: 🙂 🙂

  • tht

    i love it!!!!!!!!!!!

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