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July 14, 2016 | Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, Tangerang, With Pork

I was chatting with a friend about my search for a plate of delicious pork fried rice when he suggested RM. Rico Eks Lim Eng Thay. It is an old school Chinese restaurant previously located at the Palmerah area in West Jakarta which has since moved to Gading Serpong. In fact, I can see its sign every time we drove past the area, but we never managed to try it. My friend’s recommendation has made me determined to try their pork fried rice.


So we went there for lunch one day. The menu consisted of various Chinese dishes with Indonesian influence. I set my mind on ordering nasi goreng ham while SC decided to order gurame tahu tausi. So long story short, my order arrived and I was pleasantly surprised by the pale-colored fried rice which means it wasn’t drenched in kecap manis, a major plus point for me. Also, it was garnished with slices of smoked ham. The nasi goreng ham was really delicious and I could tell it got a wok hei (AKA Maillard reaction, a result of stir-frying in a very hot wok). I also enjoyed the gurame tahu tausi with a slightly spicy sauce that kind of remind me of what I used to eat at home. However, SC who is very picky about his tofu, complained that the tofu quality wasn’t very good.



A week later, we returned to Rico with SC’s parents for lunch, so this time we ordered more. We ordered a portion of ayam nanking, bistik ayam, and a portion of tahu tausi. After waiting for a while, the dishes arrived. The bistik ayam looked a bit unusual as they seemed to be using minced chicken, but the taste was pretty good. The ayam nanking looks more appealing but the taste was just OK and the tahu tausi was delicious as this time the tofu quality was good.




Last week, we went there again with several friends for an early dinner. As it was still in Idul fitri holiday, we have to pay an additional 5K for each dish, but I think this is still reasonable. As usual, we ordered several portions of nasi goreng ham to share, gurame tahu tausi, ayam nanking, stir-fried french beans and my friend suggested we order misoa tao. The misoa tao turned out to be a very nice surprise. It may look simple, but I really love the crispy bits of noodle that is very tasty. It was so good I think I’ll order it again the next time I go there.



So far, we’ve been to Rico three times and it has never disappoint. I can see myself returning again especially when I’m craving for the ham fried rice and misoa tao.

Rumah Makan Rico
Eks Lim Eng Thay

Jl. Gading Serpong Boulevard
Ruko Sentra Gading Serpong Blok AA4
Tangerang, Banten
Phone +62(21) 5469190

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  • alex

    try the usus goreng and kekian hewanca, my fav dish from 13 years ago

  • tina

    Harus coba usus gorengnya Jenz

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