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May 10, 2015 | East Jakarta, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, Makasar Cusine, With Pork

If you asked me about recommended places in East Jakarta, I will most likely don’t know what to say since I almost never ventured there. Several weeks ago, however, several friends went to a place called Solata that they claimed serve the best roast pork in East Jakarta. I was interested, as I’ve tried Solata’s roast pork back in 2012 at the Jakarta Culinary Festival. So 2 weeks ago, I managed to drag SC there for lunch. Turned out it isn’t that far from Kelapa Gading Boulevard, just a stone’s throw away from the Perintis Kemerdekaan and Boulevard Raya intersection.


Rumah Makan Toraja “SOLATA” occupies one of the shophouses at the Ruko Pulomas. It’s a very humble eatery with no decoration whatsoever. After studying the menu that offers many Torajan dishes, we decided to order their set menu. I picked Panggang B2 37K and Pammarasan Pangi 40K. We have to wait for quite some time for our meal to arrive and it seems like they are short of staff, but it was definitely worth the wait. The set menu came with a portion of rice, sayur singkong (steamed cassava leaves), a bowl of soup and spicy sambal. It was delicious, the Torajan roast pork is tender and delicious. The chili sambal is very spicy. Pammarasan Pangi is quite unique, made from pangi / kluwak (pangium edule) that is also used in East Javanese cuisine to make rawon. The flesh of pangi is thinly sliced and dried, this is called sayur “kuli’ pangi”, and then cooked together with the nut at the center of the pangi fruit, which has been ground into a black paste. It resulted in a black colored dish, that doesn’t look appetizing at all, but tasted very very good.


  • rm-toraja-solata-panggang-b2
  • rm-toraja-solata-pammarasan-pangi-b2
  • rm-toraja-sayur-singkong

We went back again last weekend with several friends to try more. We ordered the B2 goreng 30K and sop sarre iga 30K, but turned out they have run out of it. Looks like we will have to return again as I saw that they also have a very interesting nasi goreng merah.

RM. Toraja “SOLATA”
Ruko Pulomas Blok I No. 3
Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan
East Jakarta
Ph. +62(21) 4723434

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  • Steve Sparks

    I live in East Jakarta,Iam from America,I love tradional Indonesia cooked pork,My wife is from North Sulawesi and i live in a rea where there are many Bataks,and Lapo Resto,In my opinon if you like tradional cooked pork dishes,i wllhave to say”Rumah Makan Toraja “SOLATA””has the bst cooked pork i have eaten in East Jakarta.The bad thing is they don;t have alot of there the meals o the menu through the week,because alot of things they use come from Toraja,I asked the man working there when they they have most of the food on the menu there,He said on sundays,I think thats there busy day with alot of the church people comingI really like there Nasi goreng Mura,with pork also,

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