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June 15, 2011 | Beverages, Closed, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

Right on the second floor of Q Smokehouse, there’s a small coffee shop called Rumakopi. So two months ago, after having lunch at Q, we decided to give it a try. It was around 4PM in the afternoon, Rumakopi was not crowded, but upon entering, we quickly smelled something. Yeah! It was the smell of smoke! We asked for the non-smoking section, and it turned out that there’s an “imaginary wall” between smoking and non-smoking section, so we can still inhale the smoke 🙁


Since we’ve already entered, we decided to only order a cup of mochacchino 25K and kentang goreng bumbu rendang 20K. The mochacchino came first, but I’m not an expert on coffee, so I couldn’t say much about it, only that it was not bad, but not that special either. Their kentang goreng bumbu rendang took a while to appear. It was definitely unique. I’ve never seen bumbu rendang combined with french fries before. The taste was quite good, not as spicy as the usual rendang spice though. Overall, we liked the rendang french fries, but Rumakopi’s smoking policy ensures that we won’t be returning.


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  • Tephy

    Hi Jenz, OT dikit nih, do you ask for permission before snapping pictures inside restaurants etc? Gw kadang-kadang suka rada jengah gitu kalo tiba2 foto-foto di dalam lapak orang, apalagi kalau pake SLR. Will it go away in time atau cuek ajah sampe diusir?

    Pernah sampe diusir/ditegur gak gara-gara foto2?

    Anyway about the lax smoking policy: can’t agree more. Heran juga kenapa they let people smoke inside when they have sofas like that. Those poor sofas would stink beyond repair in a month.

  • admin

    Hi Tephi, Ngga pernah sampai diusir sih, cm pernah ditanyain aja poto2 makanan buat apa, biasanya sih bilangnya buat koleksi pribadi/hobi 🙂

    Pernah sih ada yg ngelarang poto2 makanan, kalo udah gitu ya udah kaga di review 😛

  • Jiewa @ INIJIE

    Uwah… the plate is so cantik… penasaran euy sama french fries rendang 🙂

    Soal foto, kalo dilarang kadang bete juga sih. Tapi ya udah, anggap aja mereka yg rugi hehe..

  • admin

    @jie: gw punya loh piring2 twitter kaya gini warna ijo, kuning & merah ;)) nemu di diskonan sogo/food hall ngga nyampe 10rb/piring 🙂

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