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December 5, 2005 | Central jakarta, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, West Sumatra Cuisine

Last Saturday after my “sendal jepit insiden”, we headed for lunch deep in the middle of Senen Traditional Market, the place was call “RM Sabana” served “Nasi Kapau“, Kapau is a name of place in Bukit Tinggi – Padang where the people was very famous of their delicious cooking 🙂 The meal usually used alot of spice and coconut oil. That day we ordered “Gule Otak”, “Usus”, “Tunjang”, and a plate of “Lontong Sayur“, very delicious especially when you eat with your hand 🙂

Sabana Kapau

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  • ary

    itu gw?
    ohhh ..

  • jerry

    all the food look so yummy….nice pictures. i like the layout of your blog….it makes a website look delicious….

  • febi

    Ary mulut nya lebar juga yah ?? :)) :))
    kapan neh kita hunting makanan lagi ?? benhil belom lho Jenz…sarpan pagi dengan katupe sayur and lupis ketan padang and bubur kampiun..hmmmm must be delicious…

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