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January 16, 2009 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, North Jakarta, Peranakan cuisine

Sagoo Kitchen
Last month, we’re meeting several friends at Mal Kelapa Gading. We had planned to go to Eat & Eat, but later decided to go to this recently opened joint instead. The place was very crowded when we arrived. It is a very interesting restaurant. At the front is a warung selling all kinds of old-fashioned stuffs we used to see in childhood, but rarely seen today, from snacks, toys to old kitchenware (of course with premium prices). The restaurant itself was designed to resemble an old-style warung peranakan with a number of vintage chinese pictures on the wall.

Sagoo Kitchen
The menu is also quite interesting, printed in a piece of paper to resemble an open book. Written in old-style Indonesian spelling (which is not uncommon in restaurants trying to play up the nostalgia factor), Sagoo offers diverse dishes such as nasi goreng, tahoe pong gimbal telor, tahoe kopjok telor, babat gongso, asem-asem daging sapi, nasi rawon, nasi lengko, krupuk banjoer, kentang goreng koeno, kentang goreng soesis, lumpia brontak, rojak cakweh, rojak malajsia, bestik, noodles & desserts. Since it was still to early for dinner, we only ordered several dishes to share: Rodjak Cakwe 13.9K, Tahoe Kopyok Telor 18.9K, Kentang Goreng Soesis 17.9K, Ifumie Siram Capcay, Es Cao 13.9K and Djahe Cangting 10K. Overall the dishes was OK, although not spectacular. I especially liked their rodjak as it was very spicy. Their ifumie was just so so, but their mie goreng was tasty.

Sagoo Kitchen
Mal Kelapa Gading I
North Jakarta
+62(21) 4529539

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  • Benny

    Ya… it is indeed interesting :D. It look small from the front, but spacious enough inside.
    In fact, the small warung in the front provide some kind of separation, so that the atmosphere inside is even more authentic.

  • Joe

    the best food from this resto is its nasi goreng babat!!! A MUST TRY!!!!

  • ira

    jenz.. sagoo kitchen punya cabang d selatan jakarta? PIM? Kok kyknya lg seruu bgt ya, org2 ksana, tp jauh di MKG..

  • Trifitria S. Nuragustina

    Setahuku, SAGOO di JKT cuma ada di MKG sama BSD. Dan ada di bandung jg

  • Anonymous

    Mie Djawa Nyemek + Es Ovaltine Malt…A Must Try menu!!!

  • rizal ak

    bocoran neh buat temen-temen area depok dan sekitarnya bulan agustus 2009 nta sagoo mau buka cabang di sana tepatnya di magro mall di tunggu yaa

  • nadia

    must try:
    -lumpia berontak (kulit lumpia goreng, tapi isinya di luar sama saos-saosnya), it’s just the best
    -bistik ayam (ayamnya dipotong-potong se bite size gitu, digoreng tepung, saosnya enaak, sama kentang gorengnya juga enak)

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