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May 29, 2008 | Central jakarta, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA

Last month, an old friend from my university days returned to Indonesia for a visit, so we planned to take her to dinner at a place that offers Indonesian dishes. At first, my friends suggested that we went to Palalada at Grand Indonesia, but I’ve heard that, it’s extremely overpriced, so we decided to visit Samarra instead. This restaurant is run by the same group that manage Warung Babah and Shanghai Blue, so the interior is no doubt amazing. Designed in middle eastern style, it was dimly lit but not as scary as Warung Babah

Samarra serves various range of dishes, they have several middle eastern dishes selection but their menu is also full with Indonesian dishes. Their specialties seems to be satay as they serve all kinds of satay. For appetizer, we ordered hummus bi tahine (fresh vegetable platter with creamy hummus chickpea dip), kroket kepiting persian gulf (potato croquette stuffed with crab, a recipe from the persian gulf). For the main course we ordered: Sepiring Sate Meru Bali (consisting of sate lilit gianyar, urapan kelapa bakar, sambal goreng tahu cambah & buncis, nasi uduk, kerupuk rambak sapi & sambal matah) 58K, Sepiring Sate Parang Jonggot (consisting of sate kambing kapuran, sop iga kambing, acar ketimun, saus kacang, sambal kecap jeruk limau, kerupuk rambak & steamed rice) 58K, Sepiring Sate Kawung Aron (consisting of sate daging sapi manis, urapan kelapa bakar, kare tahu terong, sambal goreng kering tempe, kerupuk udang, sambal bajak & nasi kuning) 58K, Sepiring Sapitan Ayam Panggang Canting Pring (consisting of opor ayam panggang, buncis rebus bawang putih, sambal trasi, krupuk blinjo & nasi uduk) 58K, extra portion of Sate Lilit Gianyar Bali (minced balinese fish satay marinated and grilled in tropical spices, served with sambal matah). For desserts we ordered Forbidden Fruit (slow baked apple with raisins, almond, cinnamon sticks, served with homemade ice of vanila) 40K, and Es Campur Air Tebu (chilled fresh sugarcane extract with cubes of papaya, watermelon, honeydew melon and pineapple with crushed ice, passion fruit and mint leaves) 35K. Overall the meals were satisfying. The taste was great but not as authentic as I thought. The portion was generous, although the price can be considered pricey. However, we did have a good time there.

Pasar Sate & Wine

Jl. Kebon Sirih Raya 77
Central Jakarta

ph. +62(21) 70883366, 392 0384
fx. +62(21) 391 8675

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  • Venny

    Jadi resto ini kombinasi timur tengah dan Indonesia yah? Lucu juga kombinasinya.
    PS: Kambing kapuran?? Kambing tua gitu? 😀

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