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March 21, 2007 | CUISINE, Kaki Lima

I’ve been longing to visit this place since last year but never had a chance till now. Located in the area between “Indonesia Power” building & “Museum Tekstil”, this place served Malinese Cuisine known better as “Sate Afrika”. We arrived around 11PM and ordered 2 portion of lamb meat & 1 portion of “jerohan” and “pisang goreng tanduk”. We watched them prepared the meat : grilled, and then cut into pieces, put into a pan and mixed with spices & cooked again until the meat is soft and tender. served in an aluminium plate topped with sliced onion, Overall the meat was delicious, not oily at all, not smelly (ngga bau prengus), make a perfect combination with the fried banana and their special chili sauce (a combination of sambal lampung, mustard and sweet soya sauce), but a bit too tasty 🙂

Sate Afrika

Kedai Sate Afrika
Jl. KS Tubun I No. 6,
Ph. 0817855881

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  • cupi

    banyak msg nya … haus terus jadinya …

  • sopjagung

    nggak heran sih, dagingnya diaduk dulu sama bubuk bumbu instan sih (Royco kalo gak salah)

  • purwariny

    good word of mouth -nya di kalangan orang awam,jadi pada pengen coba..tapi pas nyobain,ga sesuai ekspekstasi g 🙁 – well…balik2 lagi ke masalah selera sih

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