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March 26, 2013 | Bali, Balinese Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Kaki Lima, With Pork

Sate Babi Lapangan Gelora Trisakti Bali

I went to Warung Bu Putu on Blambangan Street as I heard their rujak kuah pindang is great, but it turned out to be closed that day, so on my way back to the hotel, I found a crowd in Gelora Trisakti square that looked interesting. There are several women busily preparing satay on the grill and when I asked they said it was pork satay, so I immediately ordered a portion to try. The satay is usually served with lontong (rice cakes), but since I was still quite full from previous lunch, I opted just for the satay. It was served with a pinch of salt and bird eye chilis. The taste was delicious, with succulent and well-marinated meat.

Sate Babi Lapangan Gelora Trisakti Bali

That night, when I posted the pictures on my instagram account, many people asked whether it was a tortoise satay or pork satay. Apparently there’s a rumors that place is serving tortoise satay, but in my opinion, the satay I had that day was definitely pork.

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  • Selba

    Looks delicious 🙂

    I wont be surprised if people might get confused whether it’s pork or tortoise because the texture of both meat is very similar, actually it is quite hard to tell the difference.

  • Eddy

    I think I know where the tortoise point of view came from. There is a place in Bali where they sell tortoise satay on a road side, and yes, it is very crowded. I tried it before, it was good, it is serves exactly like the one in your photo, where the satays come with a pinch of salt and bird-eye chilies (they serve on a banana leaf). If you ask me the location, sorry, I can’t remember. Try to Google for it.

  • Nat

    I have to say this satay is the best we have in Bali.. Some people say that it made from tortoise, but I’m pretty sure it made from pork.. Memang banyak pedagang yg kalau di tanya, bilang nya itu dari tortoise, mostly at Tanah Lot.. When I was little kid, memang ada yang bener2 jualan sate penyu.. The texture was very different.. Di Bali juga sudah dilarang utk mengkonsumsi penyu dan lagian penyu di Bali sudah langka.. Just sharing.. ^_^

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