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January 6, 2011 | Bali, Balinese Cuisine, With Pork

From Pak Dobiel, we went shopping for some traditional Balinese clothing before getting back to our pork hunting business. And that’s how we ended up at a warung that was very crowded. The seller prepares the food outside on the road side where he grills sate celeng (pork satay). The satays are then served with rice topped with balung that seems to be marinated pork in Balinese spices. It cost pretty cheap (about 10K), but there’s no room in the cramped warung for us, so we sat at another warung next door and also ordered a portion of rujak kuah pindang. You can order how many chilies you want in the dish and 5 chilies was already making me gasp for water. Anyway, the sate celeng tasted excellent, with tender and spicy meat. This is probably one the most delicious meals I’ve had in Bali, and one of the cheapest too 🙂

Sate Celeng and Balung

Sate Celeng & Balung
Jl. Sedap Malam – Denpasar

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  • V

    Wow, Jen. Jadi menunya sate babi + nasi dengan babi berbumbu? So cool! :)) :)).

  • admin

    Enak V, walaupun makannya di emperan warung 😀
    Balung itu sejenis ama babi kecap kayanya, cm ngga manis.

  • MW

    Lokasinya tepatnya dimana Jenz? Cari di google map jalanannya ga ketemu.. 🙁

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