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March 13, 2007 | Chicken/Beef/Mutton, INDONESIAN CUISINE, No Pork

Sate Djono

Last week I craved for “Sop Ikan Asam” (Manado style fish sour soup) located at Benhill Foodcourt, but when we arrived there, the place was already deserted 🙁 so SC took me to “Sate Djono Pejompongan”. This place was popular for their satay, they have several choices for satay : sate ayam, sate goreng, sate kambing. For soup they offered : sop kambing, sop kaki, sop kepala, sop otak. they also had : gule kambing, tong seng, nasgorkam & nasgor ayam, gado2 & friends. Since we’re preparing for big dinner that night, we only ordered : 1/2 portion (5 tusuk) of “sate kambing” 15K, 1 portion of “sop otak” 23K and as appetizer we ordered “tahu Sumedang” (10 pcs) 6K. In my opinion the “tahu sumedang” was so so, the satay was OK lah.. not bad, but I really love their “sop otak” very much (don’t really care about the cholesterol yang penting enak).. I’ll be back for the soup 🙂

Sate Djono

Pondok Sate Pejompongan

Jl. Penjernihan I No. 5B
ph. +62(21) 5701292

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  • Anonymous

    may i ask if u know any resto that serve indian vegetarian food/ any vegetarian resto around Mandarin Hotel? thx

  • Jenz

    Maybe you can try “Komala” (south indian vegetarian cuisine) located at Sarinah Building – Jl. MH. Thamrin. Not very far from Mandarin hotel

  • Anonymous

    thanks, btw, where can you know if there’s any promo (disc.)from the resto that u have been?

  • cupi

    try queen restaurant (permata plaza) near nikko hotel …

  • Michael

    If you like nasi padang, please try RM Jam Gadang at Jl Gandapura no 69 Bandung. They serve the best nasi padang.

  • elsa

    pastii enagg .

  • tuyulijo

    tongsengnya di sini aneh, malah lebih mirip gulai. kuah terlalu kental.
    satenya OK lah.

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