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August 21, 2009 | Central jakarta, Chicken/Beef/Mutton, East Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, Kaki Lima

2 weeks ago, we tried this restaurant at the junction of Wahid Hasyim and Sabang street. Jaya Agung seems to be quite popular because everytime we passed the area, it was jammed with people. Actually, we’ve dined here early last year and came away unimpressed. But so many people couldn’t be all wrong, could they? So we decided to give it a second try. We ordered 1/2 portion of mutton satay 14K, 1/2 portion of chicken satay 7K and a bowl of gulai kambing (mutton cooked in coconut milk soup and spices) 13K. The verdict? We’re still unimpressed and this time, it’s even worse than our previous experience. The satay meat felt cold and tough, some were even undercooked, while the bland peanut sauce added nothing to the overall taste. The gule kambing was no better. It was thin and watery with too much fat. I guess this is the last time we go to this place. 🙁
Sate Jaya Agung

Jaya Agung
Masakan Khas Jawa Timur

Jl. Wahid Hasyim No.56C
Sabang – Central Jakarta

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  • Jiewa

    Ate on this spot 2 months ago, their chicken satay is quite ok but the mutton satay was very chewy 🙁

  • sopjagung

    Yeah, I had the same experience. It’s no wonder though, considering their “assembly line” approach to satay grilling 🙁

  • sentaro

    Especially for “sate” matters in that area of Jl. Sabang, I prefer to go to the street sate boat alias “sate dorongan” which is usually parking the boat at the left side of Jl. Sabang.

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