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June 28, 2008 | Bogor, Chicken/Beef/Mutton, INDONESIAN CUISINE

Last Month, after reading the third edition of Kuliner ‘Ke Bogor Yuk!’ series, I went to Bogor to try several dishes mentioned in the book. We arrived at Bogor around lunch time, so we decided to have lunch first. Our destination is Sate Pak Rebing near Empang area. The place is impossible to find if you’re not familiar with the location as there’s no signboard and it’s hidden in a small alley. Luckily, we had some of the book writers to guide us. When we arrived, they’ve already ordered several portions of mutton satay and clear mutton soup. The gule was already sold out, so we only ordered the soup. The satay looks different from the mutton satays I’ve eaten before. It is cut in cubes and there’s no visible grill marks or hints of sweet soy sauce on the satay. Although it looked undercooked, my friend explained that it is a cicurug style satay. Surprisingly, the taste was amazing, the meat was very tender, no prengus smell. It’s accompanied by a plate of simple peanut sauce with sweet soy sauce. Add some chilli sauce and acar to the mix, it tasted very delicious. The soup was also not bad, although SC complained that they’ve put too much pepper in it. Overall, it was a very fullfilling lunch, and we still have so many meal to sample. oh no!
Sate Pak Rebing

Sate Pak Rebing
Jl. Ariawinata (d/h Jl. Mesjid) No. 17
RT.02/02, Empang – South Bogor
ph. +62(251) 382104
hp. +62(817)900 8998

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  • Jimbo

    Sebelah mana sih, Jen?
    G nyari2 ga ketemu, Howd’ya find parking space there? the vicinity is very hectic, isn’t it?

  • Jenz

    di seblah mesjid.. ada gang kecil, tanya aja sama penduduk setempat.. pasti mereka tau 🙂

  • Mraz's_fan

    huks kayaknya enak…… i wanna go homee……

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