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June 7, 2009 | Bali, Balinese Cuisine, With Pork

From Candra, we went to Pasar Kumbasari to buy some souvenirs to bring home. The market was very quiet, not much tourists can be seen there. After that, we walked to Arjuna street to have some Sate Plecing. We found the place at the corner of Yudisthira & Arjuna street. Judging by the crowd inside, I’m hopeful that it would be good. The menu here is very simple: pork satay in sweet sauce, pork satay in plecing sauce, sop babat & sop baso. We ordered sate plecing babi 10K, es jeruk 6K, bakso 9K. It was good. The pork satay combined with the spicy plecing sauce is perfect. I also liked the meatball soup, as I love Balinese style soup so much, I gulped it till the last drop 🙂
Sate plecing

Warung Sate Plecing
Jl. Arjuna No.49
Denpasar – Bali

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  • V

    Plecing sauce? Gak pedes Jen? Bener2 sambel plecing dijadiin saus?

  • jenz

    iya Ven.. beneran sambel plecing & pedes, Sopi sih cuman brani ngicip satenya doang 😛

  • Hanjaya

    Jenz, I envy you. You must have a good life. You always travel and eat good food and being paid to do that. What a life. Wish I could have the same job like yours.

  • jenz

    @Hanjaya: You don’t have to envy me. This blog is just my hobby and I don’t get paid for my reviews and photos. I have a 9-5 job that is not related with reviewing restaurants.

  • maria

    Hi, ini sate yang di persimpangan jalan Arjuna ya?
    Saya biasanya selalu order sate babi manis dan sop babat. Next time mau cobain yang pelecing deh.

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