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November 7, 2014 | Central Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, No Pork, South Jakarta

About two/three months ago, I heard several people mentioning a place in South Jakarta called Pecel Ramidjan that serves delicious pecel. I was interested to try it, but since it was quite far from where I live and considering Jakarta’s traffic lately, I didn’t have the chance to try it until last weekend. Pecel Ramidjan is located on a quiet street of Prof. Joko Sutono, not very far from Jalan Wolter Monginsidi. It occupied the terrace of a residential home. Once entered, you’ll feel a cozy & homey ambience. Several tables that are meant for sharing overlook a green and lush garden.


The menu focused on Parakan (an area in central Java) style ofsego pecel (warm rice served with Indonesian vegetable salad drenched with peanut sauce). But besides sego pecel, they also serve various Javanese dishes that can be added to your sego pecel such as brongkos, gule kambing, empal + serundeng, tahu cabe ijo, sambal goreng telor ceplok, sambal goreng krecek, perkedel jagung and tahu & tempe bacem. For the drinks, they have wedang tape, es dawet and many more.


That afternoon I ordered a portion of sego pecel with additional tahu bacem (sweet soy sauce braised beancurd) 15K and es dawet (Indonesian iced coconut milk drink with palm sugar and cendol/green jelly noodle made from rice flour) 15K, while SC settled on nasi gule (rice with javanese mutton curry) 20K. I like my sego pecel very much. It was a simple and humble dish, yet tasted so good especially after you had tried so many fancy food in posh restaurants. SC’s nasi gule is also good, although he said it was a bit on the sweet side rather than a salty/savory dish. I also like the es dawet, as it was refreshing and not too sweet. Overall, I think I’ll be back again for breakfast/lunch whenever I pass this area.


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Warung Ramidjan
Jl. Prof Joko Sutono, No. 3
South Jakarta
Ph. +62(812) 1864 2466
Operating hours: 7AM – 5PM

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