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April 22, 2009 | Central jakarta, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA

Last month we had dinner with several friends at a new hip restaurant called Seribu Rasa. I tried to make reservation in the morning, but the woman handling my call said that the place is already fully booked. She suggested that we go there earlier (6 PM) to avoid the queue. So we arrived there at 6 PM sharp when the place was still empty. We parked in the semi basement and went up the stairs to the restaurant. The dining area is separated by an inner garden. I love the design of this place as it felt like we’re not in the middle of crowded Jakarta but somewhere else calmer. We easily got a table and started thumbing through the menu. A few moments later, our friends arrived and we started to order.

Seribu Rasa

We ordered Lumpia Crab Mabuhay 27K, Kerabu Mangga Melayu 24K, Soft Shell Crab 57K, Ayam Goreng ala Binjai 45K, Tauco Tahu Udang Pete 42K and Apel Keju Dapur Nyonya 29K for dessert. From the drinks menu, we ordered Semilir Berastagi 28K, Thai Ice Tea 21K and Kopyor Rose 24K. To be honest, I liked the interiors more than the food. The dishes tasted only so so, not bad, but not to die for either. The portions are small although they looked pretty. The Lumpia crab was OK and I liked the Kerabu mangga, which was sour and spicy. Their ayam goreng Binjai tasted more like a failed version of ayam lada garam and according to my friend looked nothing like the authentic ayam goreng Binjai.

Seribu Rasa
Jl. H. Agus Salim 128
Menteng – Jakarta Pusat
ph. +62(21) 392 8892
fx. +62(21) 392 8893

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  • chiquita

    sama jen, gue juga suka tempatnya tapi nggak suka sama makanannya.

  • john

    gila ini restaurant paling nga worthed yang gua pernah makan di jakarta.mahal harganya dan porsi sedikit nya minta ampun.gua order seafood cakwe 31ribu isi nya cuman 5 potong kecil kecil bangetttt.dan nasi lemak termahal yang pernah gua makan 42ribu yg kira-kira makan di sate senayan cuman 20 ribuan. pacar gua cuman minum es dawet 28ribu yang isi nya setengah gelas.
    never come back again man.
    PS: udah gitu di paksain valet parking nya di charge 10ribu. yang gua bisa parkir sendiri.karena emang semua kosong parkiranya.

  • Abigail

    Wah untung gw ga jadi makan di situ minggu ini… Was pretty smart of me to check your site for reference, me thinks. :p

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