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January 13, 2016 | JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, North Jakarta

Shabu Masa is a sister restaurant to the famous Sushi Masa (Read the review HERE), located on the same building, just a staircase away. SC & I decided to have lunch there two weeks ago. We made a reservation a day ahead as usual. Shabu Masa occupies the whole floor at level four of the building, so it was quite spacious. The view to Jakarta Bay can be enjoyed here as there are some seats in the terrace for that purpose. The restaurant is a bit more quiet compared to Sushi Masa.

As the name suggested, Shabu Masa offers beef/seafood shabu-shabu, yakiniku, sukiyaki and several dishes and a la carte menu. There are also the menu from Sushi Masa downstairs as you can also order to be eaten here. I noticed later that there were several tables whose guests went to Sushi Masa but didn’t get a table, and were suggested to sit here.


So long story short, we ordered one set of shabu shabu 134K consisting of 100 gr US beef slices, udon, a plate of mixed vegetables, mushrooms and ponzu sauce. The waitress informed us that the broth can be a little plain as it was only flavored with a leaf of konbu, but we’re ok with that. A portable stove was set on our table and the waitress prepared the ingredients we ordered. After the broth came to a boil, we began dumping the vegetables in. We only dipped the meat for several seconds as we didn’t want the meat to be overcooked. Although the broth was bland at first, it became much sweeter in time with the vegetables, mushrooms and meat in it.


Besides the shabu-shabu menu, i noticed that there are an omakase course and a la carte menu prepared by Chef Felix Sienatra. Since we are a fan of Chef Felix’s former restaurant in Bandung called The Wind Chime (read the review HERE and HERE), we decided to order some appetizers and a dessert to share. So we ordered smoked duck salad 45K, salmon quiche with curry dressing 50K, spinach and pine nuts tart 40K and durian panna cotta 45K. These (minus the dessert) arrived at the same time with our shabu-shabu order, and they didn’t provide us with fork/knife to eat the appetizers until we asked. Aside from that, the taste of the salad, quiche and tart were every bit as good as what I expected from chef Felix’s dishes. The durian panna cotta was also good although I have to note that ice crystals had formed in the panna cotta.

Smoked Duck Salad

Salmon Quiche with curry dressing

Spinach and Pine Nuts tart

Durian Panna cotta

In summary, we enjoyed the mini dishes and dessert much more than the shabu-shabu. Not that the shabu-shabu was bad, but considering the price and taste, it would only appeal to a very limited set of people. For everyone else, there are restaurants in shopping malls that offer all you can eat shabu-shabu with that price. So I think we’ll be back later on for more of Chef Felix’s creations or maybe trying his omakase / degustation menu.

Shabu Masa
Jl. Tuna Raya 5 No. 3 – 4th Floor
North Jakarta

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