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August 25, 2014 | Chicken/Beef/Mutton, JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, South Jakarta

There’s a new restaurant called Shaburi that have created quite a buzz among Jakartans. So last weekend, when a friend talked about going to Shaburi for dinner, I decided to tag along. Located on the 5th floor at Pacific Place, the place was already quite crowded. Fortunately we arrived around 6PM, so we quickly got a table without having to queue. I assumed the place to have a good non-smoking policy, but found out later that they have a fully open smoking section near the buffet area. I can smell the cigarette smoke from the buffet area. Luckily we’re seated far from the smoking area.


Shaburi serves all you can eat shabu-shabu with pricing range from 148K for ‘US Beef Shabu Shabu’, 218K for ‘Special Beef Shabu Shabu’, 298K for ‘Shaburi Wagyu Shabu Shabu’, and 398K for ‘Special Wagyu Shabu Shabu’. There are special prices for children / senior citizens. Each of us got to choose the dashi soup base ranging from ‘original konbu soup’, ‘hot miso soup’, ‘chicken collagen paitan’, ‘sukiyaki’, ‘tomato soup’ and ‘soy milk miso soup’. I chose ‘hot miso soup’, while SC picked ‘tomato soup’. The soup bases were put in personal-sized hot pot bowls, then placed on top on of an induction cooktop.


The rest of the ingredients are served on a buffet table in the middle of the restaurant. They are filled with vegetables, mushrooms, fish fillet, meatballs, tofu, udon and condiments. There are also sushi rolls and tempura available. So we filled the plate with what we wanted to eat and returned to our table to prepare our dinner.


  • shaburi-beef-shabu-shabu
  • shaburi-us-beef-shabu-shabu
  • shaburi-buffet-shabu-shabu
  • shaburi-spicy-miso-soup

It was a good night with good friends and good food. The beef & vegetables were fresh and I managed to eat 3 wooden trays of the thinly sliced beef. The soup base was also good, and SC really like his tomato soup base. The drinks were also unlimited and you can finish it off with yogurt ice cream. I felt so full after that as I can’t resist grabbing a bowl of rice. So, will I be back? Yes, I want to try the chicken collagen paitan and soy milk miso soup, but maybe not during rush hour and only if I can get a seat as far away from the smoking section as possible.

Shaburi Shabu Shabu
Pacific Place Mall, 5th floor
Jl Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-52
SCBD, South Jakarta

Ph. +62(21) 5797 3247

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  • Lira

    Have tried their soy milk miso soup, it was too sweet and thick for my taste.. feel bloated just after 1 tray.. =(

  • sopjagung

    Please try their tomato soup. I know it seems strange combining tomato soup with shabu-shabu, but this is one of those things you have to taste to believe. Also, the sourness is just right and it won’t feel like tasting a watery version of tomato ketchup 😀

  • dyan fahrur rozie

    yesterday me and a friend tried to come to the Japanese restaurant in jakarta area. His name Imae Shabu Shabu Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta. I try to eat Sukiyaki. I can say this is where the interesting and relatively cheap with good food. try visit

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