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November 25, 2010 | Japanese & Korean Cuisine, West Jakarta

Last week, we got an invitation from Goorme to try the new Sukiyaki menu at Shabuya restaurant for free, and in return, they asked for an honest review. We decided to try it yesterday at lunch time. Shabuya is decorated in minimalist style with exposed white brick wall painted in Japanese traditional style. The place felt roomy and bright because of large window panes on the other side of the room. They serve All You Can Eat (AYCE) premium angus beef, which costs 108K for adult and 78K for kids. The waiter said that they have two ways of servings: Shabu (served with ponzu) and Sukiyaki. We choose to go with sukiyaki.

Shabuya All You Can Eat Premium Angus Shabu

Before the main meal was served, we were given 4 kinds of banchan which consists of kimchi 김치 (Korean fermented spicy cabagge), namul 나물 (steamed green vegetable and carrot seasoned with sesame oil, soysauce & vinegar), samsaek jeon 삼색전 (Korean style meat pancake) and daigaku imo 大学芋 (honey glazed sweet potato). I loved the daigaku imo, but had to remind myself that it will make me too full if I eat that a lot. The kimchi was also spicy while the meat pancake is a bit sweet. At first we thought that this is a Korean type of shabu (judging by the look of the banchan), but later the manager explained that this is actually a combination of Japanese & Korean cuisine.

Shabuya Banchan

The waiter begin by putting a big pot of broth (consisting of dashi, soy sauce, mirin, sake and sugar) on an induction cooker attached to the table, then he brought over a big bowl of vegetables consisting of: pak choy, cabbage, carrot, tofu, udon, shitake and enoki mushroom. Then came a plate of seafood consisting of several prawns, fish and squid. The meat came later, in two big plates. In order to cook the Sukiyaki, all the vegetables, meat and seafood were placed in the broth pot and covered until boiling. The waiter said that the process will result in a richer broth with meat and vegetable flavors. Sure enough, the broth was rich and sweet, but not to the point of being too rich or too sweet. The meat and vegetable were fresh and delicious. Overall, I was quite satisfied with the meal, but I’m still curious about their Shabu-shabu with ponzu serving since the manager said that the broth will be more plain and won’t be as rich as the sukiyaki.

Shabuya Sukiyaki Shabu Shabu

All You Can Eat Premium Angus Shabu

Central Park, Level 1, Unit 113A
p. +62 21 5698 5585
f. +62 21 5698 5586

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  • V

    Jen, pake kompor induction katanya sekeliling gak panas ya? Cuma panas dari uap air aja?

  • admin

    Iya, emang sekelilingnya ngga panas sih. Jadi jauh lebih nyaman daripada pake kompor gas.

  • christina

    Jen, ini all you can eat? Jadi daging nya boleh nambah lagi?

  • admin

    Iya, all you can eat, jadi daging & sayurnya bisa nambah sepuasnya 🙂

  • V

    Gue gak sadar ini free flow. Bagus banget kualitas dagingnya (dari foto) untuk all you can eat.

  • admin

    iye, utk daging ada 2 jenis yg marbled ama yg lean meat.

  • christina

    wah kalau gitu worth it banget nih! daging nya juga ga keliatan kering, keliatannya fresh.
    thanks for the info jen

  • Dina

    Kwalitas daging nya kalau di compare dengan yakoya lebih bagus mana

  • Ten Ten

    Sering makan disini udah 3x utk th 2012…
    Dan ini yg terakhir….
    Lagi makan enak-enak malah ditegor mengenai pembayaran….jadi engga bikin napsu makan ilang…

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