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October 1, 2018 | Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, West Jakarta, With Pork

There has been a huge buzz about a place in Lokasari called Shu Guo Yin Xiang that serves authenthic Szechuan hotpot. I got interested when I saw the pics on social media, so during the last Eid holiday, we decided to go there for an early dinner.

We arrived at 5PM and easily got ourselves a table. Because their specialty is Szechuan Mala soup, we ordered a combination of 2 soup flavours: Szechuan Mala Soup & Special pork bone soup 108K with additional meat and vegetables such as US Angus prime ribs 138K, Australian rib eye 88K, Australian lamb 98K, fresh shrimp meatballs 116K, prawn and pork dumpling 116K, fish paste 55K, small black fungus 28K, shimeji mushroom 28K and mixed vegetables 68K.

The soups came out fairly quickly, but the other stuff might take some time to prepare. The soups was served in a very nice dragon-shaped hotpot with separated sections for each soup. The mala soup looked bright red and oily, while the pork bone soup was milky white and thick.

As predicted, the mala soup was very spicy and oily, so I think it was only good for dipping, while the pork bone soup was very tasty and reminded me of tonkotsu broth. I quite like the pork bone soup, but my friends thought that it was too thick. If you don’t like thick soup, there is always the chicken herbal soup.

As for the other ingredients, I can say that all of the meat was fresh and top notch. I especially like the prawn meat balls that feel like they were made on order, not something that has been frozen for some time.

  • shu-guo-yin-xiang-menu-2--flavor-combo-soup-mala-and-pork-bone-soup
  • shu-guo-yin-xiang-menu-us-angus-prime-ribs
  • shu-guo-yin-xiang-menu-australian-lamb
  • shu-guo-yin-xiang-menu-australian-rib-eye
  • fresh-shrimp-meatballs
  • shu-guo-yin-xiang-menu-mixed-vegetables
  • shu-guo-yin-xiang-menu-black-fungus
  • shu-guo-yin-xiang-menu-shimeji-mushroom

By the time we finished eating an hour later, the place was already very crowded and a queue has formed at the entrance & reception area. Pricewise, the restaurant can be considered pricey, but I think it was due to the freshness of the ingredients. Do check your bill carefully though, because ours contained a few wrong orders but fortunately it can be sorted out at the cashier. I would still like to return here, but need to arrive really early to avoid the rumored 2-3 hours queue.

Shu Guo Yin Xiang
THR lokasari, Bl. Bl No.6, 8,
West Jakarta 11510
Phone: +62(21) 62308860
Mon-Sun 11AM-2AM

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