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January 17, 2012 | Italian Cuisine, JAKARTA, No Pork, Tangerang

I first heard about this place from Lisa Virgiano, one of the founders of USD (Underground Secret Dining), and it really looks like Signora Pasta has been gaining quite a reputation among food lovers in Jakarta. However, because it is located at Cirendeu – South Tangerang, I’ve been reluctant to visit it considering the traffic to get there & i’m also not familiar with the area. Luckily, I was able to persuade some of my foodblogger friends to go there so I can tag along 😛 

Signora Pasta

We arrived there around 12AM on Christmas day. The place is not big, but feels warm and cozy. Since the chef/owner is an Italian, I have high hopes that the hype would be justified. The menu isn’t very extensive, but it covers various ranges of antipasti, pasta, pizza, secondo piatto and dolce. So we start with the bruschetta (farmer’s bread with fresh tomatoes) 11.5k and insalata mista (mixed vegetable salad) 17,5k. Followed by Signora pizza 65.5k, pizza al quattro formaggi 59.5k, spaghetti aglio e olio 27k, spaghetti al pesto 27.5k, ravioli 35.5k, scallopine al’acetto balsamico (fillet of beef served with mushroom and balsamic vinegar) 37.5k, spaghetti carbonara 31.5 K, frittura di verdure (fried mixed vegetables), gnocchi al pomodoro 27.5K and finished with tiramisu 21.5K.

  • signora-pasta-bruschetta
  • signora-pasta-frittura-di-verdure
  • signora-pasta-gnocchi-al-pomodoro
  • signora-pasta-insalata-mista
  • signora-pasta-pizza-al-quattro-formaggi
  • signora-pasta-ravioli
  • signora-pasta-scaloppine-all-aceto-balsamico
  • signora-pasta-signora-pizza
  • signora-pasta-spaghetti-aglio-e-olio
  • signora-pasta-spaghetti-al-pesto
  • signora-pasta-spaghetti-carbonara
  • signora-pasta-tiramisu

Overall we love all the dishes there, I especially like the scallopine al’acetto balsamico, which tasted so delicious, we had to order another. Their pizzas were also good, with generous portions. The aglio olio was simple but so good. Some of my friends even said that they’ve never tasted better gnocchi than Signora’s. And after all those fullfilling dishes, we’re again surprised by the size of the Tiramisu. It was so big and we barely managed to finish it, but since it tasted so good, it was almost criminal to let it go to waste. Overall we had a great lunch there, and borrowing gfgfgl‘s blog tagline: good food, good friends and good life, what more could you ask for? Bon Apetit!

Signora Pasta
(at the Plaza Cirendeu complex)
Jl Cirendeu Raya No. 20
South Tangerang
ph. +62 21 912 64389

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  • VTN

    Keliatannya authentic ya Jen? Kecuali Mixed saladnya itu?

  • Mrs Jajan

    pengen kesana tapi blom kesampaian, jauhhh~~

  • admin

    Iya V, lumayan otentik, tp bahan2 makanannya lokal kayanya biar bisa murah harganya 🙂

  • admin

    @mrs.jajan: iya, emang jauh, kalo deket bisa sering2 disamperin 😀

  • Signora Pasta

    dear all, untuk bahan makanan beberapa memang menggunakan bahan lokal, namun untuk keju dan beberapa bahan inti kami mengimpor langsung dari Italia untuk menjaga keaslian rasanya 😀 thankyou

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