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August 7, 2008 | Closed, JAKARTA, North Jakarta, West Sumatra Cuisine

Last month, we had a quick lunch at Simpang Tiga restaurant. It’s a Padang restaurant that is very famous in North Sumatra. If you travel around North Sumatra by car, you’ll find a lot of Simpang Tiga along the road that has become traveller stops and they serve decent Padangnese cuisine. However, I found this one to be quite contrary from my expectations. The interior of this restaurant is very glamorous and a bit tacky. The service is very friendly though. They didn’t serve the dishes the way Padang restaurants usually do. We have to order what we want to eat. So we chose Gulai Otak 12K, Daun Ubi Tumbuk 8K, and Ikan Patin Asam Pedas 10K. SC was quite satisfied with the dishes since they weren’t spicy at all. Their ikan patin asam pedas was quite delicious. But I’m disappointed because the dishes tasted too sweet for my preference. Maybe it was because they’ve adjusted the taste to suit Jakartan’s taste. Since it was quite pricey, I think I won’t be visiting this fancy Padang restaurant if I have other choices.

Simpang Tiga

Simpang Tiga
Jl. Pluit Barat Raya No.1
North Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 66694237

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  • Ronny

    There’s one more Padang restaurant in that area that’s quite busy too, it’s called Sinar Jaya in Muara Karang Raya. Not bad.

  • SeorangPrempuan

    yang gue nga tahan dr resto ini adalah, ACnya. dingin banget bok. ampe gue pusink …the rest is so so lah..nothing’s special for me, imho 🙂

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