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January 25, 2009 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, International Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, Western Cuisine

Social House
Back in December, along with a number of friends, we visited one of the new hip cafes in town. It is located inside Harvey Nichols at Grand Indonesia. Coming from Ismaya Group, the place is surely making its mark. The interior is interesting, spacious, and comfy as expected. When we got there, the place was packed, but we were fortunate to get a table. It seems that this is a place to see and be seen.

Social House
The menu is a combination of dessert, pizza, tapas & afternoon tea set plus a separate wine list. As we were still full from a very big lunch at Garuda Pluit, we only ordered ice chocolate & hot chocolate drinks. Our more adventurous friends ordered New York Cheesecake (with balsamic marinated raspberries) 40K, quattro formaggi (four-cheese, mixed wild mushroom and fresh dried tomato) 60K, Afternoon Tea Set (120K for 2) which consists of a pot of fine selections of teas, freshly made finger sandwiches (smoked scottish salmon, roasted free range chicken breast & egg mayonaise), sultana scones (housemade strawberry preserve and clotted cream) and a selection of delicious miniature cakes. Our drinks turned out to be just so so. It tasted like Milo with a smattering of chocolate powder. After having tried Creole, it will be very tough to find a better chocolate drink than Creole’s pure house blend. However, our friends were enjoying their meals. The service can be pretty bad when the place is full. One of our friends had to wait a long time for her coffee and then another long wait after she asked for a tea spoon. I guess we’ll try this place again, but only when it’s not that crowded.

Social House
restaurant – bar – wineshop

Harvey Nichols 1st floor
Grand Indonesia
ph. +62(21) 2358 1818

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  • V

    Adventurous? ahahhahaha! Gembul lebih cocok :))

  • Andrian

    Tempatnya overated gak? Maksudnya perbandingan taste ma pricenya ? 🙂

  • wawabear

    Been here on December, nice place to be at midnight, with “Bundaran HI” at the background..hehehe..
    Kemarin kita kesini trus pesen Coffee Latte dengan something like almond pastry (lupa namanya), dan ENAK banget menurut gw, apalagi kopinya, wangi, pakai susu nya pas, trus ada aroma roasted nya…duh jarang banget dapet proper kopi di jakarta..adukannya kaya kopi luar, tapi kopi yg dipake kopi Indo, yg kerasa banget aromanya…
    Kuenya juga enak, pastry nya krispy dan ga terlalu manis..
    Apa gw lagi laper ya? hehehe
    Harganya? Not bad, standard harga kafe sih…
    Service? Nah, yg ini no comment deh..standard2 aja..cuma tempat nya emang asyik banget buat ngumpul!

  • V

    Soal taste sama price:
    – wine: termasuk murah untuk ukuran Jakarta. Selection pun bagus.
    – Kopi: seperti kata Wawa, enak dan harganya lumayan.
    – Dessert (yg dicoba cheese cake): enak! Balsamic saucenya unik dan cocok banget untuk cheese cake itu
    – Makanan: baru nyoba sekali, jadi mungkin lagi gak beruntung. Pesan toro (mahal banget) datangnya bener2 gak fresh (limp etc). Pesan spaghetti dengan snapper dan zucchini, sausnya bajir dan agak2 bau ikan.
    Service 50:50: kadang attentive kadang slebor (banyak waiters tapi mereka bercanda dengan sesama melulu).
    Kesimpulannya, enak untuk ngumpul2 dan ngemil.

  • blublu

    coba dateng ke sini 2 kali buat breakfast dan dinner, kesimpulannya:
    – tempat enak
    – service.. quite nice.. at least mereka ga rude
    – makanan.. well the chinese new year special menu dinner was more than i expected.
    it was a steam seabass fish with garlic,ginger and pokchoy.
    the dish had that garlic aroma so there was no ‘fishy’ smell, they also put some small slices of ginger
    to make it more tasty. For me it was perfect, it was the best steam fish i ever had.
    my patner ordered the lamb chop steak, and it was also nice..
    although for me it is a little bit mushy.
    The breakfast? it was egg benedict.
    the egg is a bit plain but i think it was okay.
    so the verdict? it is okay for occasional visit.

  • Anjar Priantoro

    Wah aku musti cobain ini. Ueeenak tenan kayanya.

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