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September 10, 2012 | Closed, JAKARTA, Seafood, Thai & Vietnam Cuisine, West Jakarta


I’ve heard quite a lot about a new place called Somboon at PX Pavilion and quite interested to try it. At first, I thought this was a branch of the famous Somboon Seafood restaurant from Bangkok, Thailand. But I was wrong. This restaurant is under the Jittlada group who also manages Jittlada, Chandara and White Elephant restaurants. As to why they decided to use the same name with Bangkok’s Somboon, I have no idea. So anyway, we decided to give it a try last month.

  • somboon-jakarta-boo-paht-pong-karee
  • somboon-jakarta-goong-ob-woonsen
  • somboon-jakarta-khao-niaow-ma-muang
  • somboon-jakarta-pad-thai
  • somboon-jakarta-pad-yod-fuhk-thong
  • somboon-jakarta-papaya-salad

On our first visit, I was still a bit full so we only ordered a portion of pad thai and fried rice. Turned out the pad thai was quite good, so we decided to return several weeks later with friends to try more of their dishes. After studying the menu, we ordered papaya salad (som tam) 25K, young pumpkin leaves stir-fried with oyster sauce (pad yod fuhk thong) 35K, baked prawn with glass noodle salad (goong ob woonsen) 65K and their signature dish which is Thai curry crab (boo paht pong karee) 0.75kg for 285K. For dessert we ordered mango with sticky rice (khao niaow ma muang) 35K. Overall, although this is not the same as the one in Bangkok, I found the dishes quite enjoyable. I especially like the tangy and refreshing som tam and the curry crab. Their mango with sticky rice was also delicious. So if you happen to be in Puri Indah area, do give it a try.

Somboon Thai Seafood
St. Moritz PX Pavilion Unit GF 06D
Puri Indah – West Jakarta
ph. +62 21 58300539

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  • leo

    Diliat dari muka chef di logonya sih lebih pantas dinamai somboonG :p

  • Lidia Tanod

    Berani2nya mereka pake nama itu, pasti ada maksud utk nyama2in. Menunya jg mirip. Gue jadi penasaran dan pengen bandingin. Mudah2an lidah masih inget krn terakhir makan di Somboon yang asli Januari 2011, hehehe

  • Jeanette

    thanks for the review! always thought they’re the same all along. untung belum sempet ke sana… 🙂

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