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March 9, 2009 | Chicken/Beef/Mutton, Medan, North Sumatra Cuisine

One of the food places we wanted to visit during our time in Medan is Sop Kambing Kumango, so on the first night we’re in Medan, we asked Sisca to take us there. The place is located in Jl. Kumango. It was very crowded when we arrived. The patrons were ethnically diverse as we saw chinese, indonesian & indians sitting there enjoying their dishes and I thought this must be good. We ordered a portion of sop kambing to share. The sop kambing (mutton soup) tasted very rich & delicious. There was no hint of that distinct mutton smell in the meat & soup. The meat was very tender, I thought it must be cooked several hours in spices to reach this kind of taste & texture. The price was not cheap, but it was worth my every cent 🙂

Sop Kambing Kumango

Sop Kambing Kumango
Jl. Kumango
Operating hours : 07.00PM – 10.00PM (closed on Monday)

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  • leo

    Haha akhirnya kesampean juga yah makan sup kambing Jen..Best in Town.

  • jenz

    iya dong, hasil ngintip top 10 list dari, thanks ya 🙂

  • agni

    ahhhhhhh. coba ini ada di jakarta…. mawuuuuuu

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