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January 7, 2010 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Central jakarta, JAKARTA, Kaki Lima

Last week, when I was walking past Pancoran area, I noticed a small sign on the side walk bearing the name “Pancoran – Teddy”. The stall offers various kinds of warm dessert such as: bubur kacang ijo, bubur kacang tanah, bubur kacang merah, ubi, jali-jali and telor teh. I remembered that this is one of SC’s favorit desserts, so I stopped by and ordered sop ubi jahe 9K and sop kacang tanah 9K. It was delicious, the combination of warm ginger soup with the sweet potato is perfect. The sop kacang tanah is also delicious, especially with the addition of coconut milk.
Sop Ubi Jahe Pancoran Teddy

Kacang Ijo “PANCORAN”

*Food Court Chandra lt.2 – Chandra Building Pancoran – Kota
ph. 0817 6318 717

*Jl. Pancoran IV (Glodok Pancoran)
5PM – 9PM
ph. 0817 168 148

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