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August 14, 2017 | JAKARTA, Kalimantan Cuisine, No Pork, West Jakarta

Soto is a traditional Indonesian soup-based dish made from meat and vegetable broth with the addition of spices/herbs. The dish can be found all across Indonesia, but there are so many variations that the word soto conjures up different images depending on which part of the country is being specified. Some have clear soup base, while others use coconut milk or cow’s milk to add more flavors. I usually prefer a clear soup-based soto like Soto Madura/Soto Kudus, but once in a while I also craved for milk-based soto like Soto Medan/Soto Betawi.

We’re very excited when a friend decided to open an eatery in Tanjung Duren area serving a kind of soto originating from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. The menu consists of choices between soto ayam (free range chicken), soto campur (chicken & tripes), ayam goreng sate ayam and sop buntut, so we chose Soto Campur served with Ketupat for me and sop buntut (oxtail soup) for SC. There are many beverage choices available, but we opted for the free hot tea available on every table.

Apparently, Soto Banjar Kenaungan is a branch of a well-known eatery in Banjarmasin. The soup is made from chicken-based broth with the addition of cow’s milk and many spices (that I can’t decribed based from the taste). You can eat it with rice or rice cake (ketupat), but in my opinion the ketupat is a better option. The ketupat is topped with chicken & babat (tripe) slices, glass noodle, perkedel (potato croquette), hard boiled duck egg, celery and fried shallot, then the soup is poured on top.

It is one of the most delicious soto dishes I’d ever tasted in my life. The pale yellow milky soup is so tasty, a perfectly balanced mix of complex spices and savory milk. The tripe slices looked clean and tasted tender and the boiled duck egg was also good. My only complaint was that sometime the soup gets cold (maybe that was my fault since I took pics first before eating). Oh one more thing, their chili sauce is “to die for”. When added to the broth, it elevated the soup to the next level. You’ll end up eating non-stop while sweating a lot.

We also tried their other dishes (from many visits) like their sate ayam which was served with two types of sauces, the usual peanut sauce and a red tomato-based sauce. According to the owner, the red sauce is the specialty of Banjar’s satay dish. It tasted sweet, so it didn’t really suit my palate, but the chicken meat was tender. Their ayam goreng was also good, especially when eaten with their “to die for” sambal. Their oxtail soup was also good, but I think I prefer the one served at the hotel with temple name in central Jakarta.

Overall, I can say that I’m addicted to their soto. Been back there several times, even though the parking space and traffic in the area can be challenging. I tried ordering it via GoFood one time and surprisingly, the soup was still warm when it arrived. So, if you’re in Tanjung Duren area, give this place a try will you?

PS: This is not an advertorial post. I’m not paid to do the review, nor received free tasting food. I paid for my meals on every visit and I’m not giving a glowing review just because the owner is my friend.

Soto Banjar Kenaungan
Jl. Tanjung Duren Utara IV No.223c
West Jakarta 11470
Phone: +62(812) 2122-368
Operating hours: Mon-Sun 10AM-9PM

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