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November 14, 2012 | Bali, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Kaki Lima

On the second night in Bali, several food bloggers and I decided to walk to Kuta traditional market (Pasar Kuta) to hunt for some street food. Pasar Kuta area at night is full of street food vendors selling local fares from nasi campur babi guling, nasi jinggo, nasi pedes, soto ceker, etc. We decided to try two places that sell Soto Ceker (chicken feet soup) in this area.


Our first stop is a place that doesn’t have any signboard for its name. It’s located not far from Pasar Kuta, across the road from a drug store if I’m not mistaken. Even though they have no signboard, the place was crowded. We can watch the soto seller pour bowl after bowl of hot soup at the front of the restaurant. We ordered a bowl of soto ceker without rice to share. It tasted very savory and the chicken feet were tender, but I can’t help thinking that the richness of the soup came from the amount of monosodium glutamate (msg) placed into the soup. For the portion of the soto ceker we paid only 7K.


Next, we moved several doors down to a place called Soto Ceker Warung AA. It was SC & mine favorite place for soto ceker a couple of years ago. The place was considerably quieter than the previous place, and the seating was lesehan style. We ordered a bowl of soto ceker to compare. Judging from the appearance, the chicken feet soup here seems to have more ingredients, such as boiled egg, shredded chicken, tomatoes and fried shallots. The soup color is yellowish (from the use of turmeric, I presume). The broth also tasted very savory and rich. The chicken feet were very tender and hardly stays on the bone. I think I still prefer AA’s chicken feet soup, although I don’t deny that there’s also some msg used to enhance the soup’s taste. The price for a bowl of chicken feet soup here is about 14K if I’m not mistaken. So have you tried soto ceker in Bali? Which one do you prefer?


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  • Rubs

    Gotta love the second one. The additions of extra ingredients made the difference.

  • leo -

    I prefer the first one, love at first sip I guess, tasted more ‘original’ without the turmeric, it looked disgusting but I missed em.

  • Eddy

    Soto Ceker Bali was overrated by my friends who told me to try it. Will I go back there again? NO.

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