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February 26, 2016 | East Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, No Pork, West Jakarta


During this rainy season, I often found myself craving for something warm and comforting. So when my friends wanted to go to Soto Lamongan Kedoya for dinner, we quickly agreed. As the name suggested, the restaurant is located in the Kedoya area in West Jakarta and one of their specialties is Soto Lamongan (a chicken soup variant from Lamongan in East Java). There are many variations of soto in Indonesia, usually named after the city/area where it came from. Some use coconut milk broth, others use clear vegetable/meat broth. Soto lamongan is in the latter category, with a rich and savory broth containing shredded chicken, cabbage, rice noodle and a boiled egg.


Besides soto lamongan, the place also offers many East Java favorite dishes. So that afternoon, we ordered soto lamongan, soto kudus, rujak cingur, tahu telur, rawon, tahu telor, ayam goreng bumbu and botok to share. Some of the dishes in the menu, such as lontong balap, are only available on certain days.

  • ayam-goreng-bumbu-at-soto-lamongan-kedoya
  • lontong-balap-at-Soto-Lamongan-Kedoya
  • rawon-at-soto-lamongan-kedoya
  • rujak-cingur-soto-lamongan-kedoya
  • soto-kudus-at-soto-lamongan-kedoya
  • tahu-telor-soto-lamongan-kedoya

Overall, our meals that night were delicious, even as some of dishes have less-than-appetizing presentation, the taste was worth it. I like the soto very much. I usually like to dump half my rice into the soto and add chili sauce for an extra kick. Their rujak cingur and rawon were also good. A week later, we returned for lunch and ordered lontong balap and soto Lamongan. They tasted great although as I’m eating it for the first time, I found lontong balap to be not really my kind of food. So if you like something warm and comforting for dinner, you should go here.

Soto Lamongan Kedoya
Jl. Kedoya Raya No.12
Kebun Jeruk
West Jakarta 11520

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  • Erna

    What about the prices of each meals? Affordable?

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