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May 30, 2012 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, Medan, North Sumatra Cuisine

Back to North Sumatra trip review, we spent a day in Medan before returning to Jakarta. We started at Kesawan street where there’s an old school place that serves soto called Soto Kesawan. The place is not big, it’s in a narrow shophouse located more or less across the road from the famous Tjong A Fie Mansion. They serve various kinds of soto: chicken, beef, prawn, and various beef innards (babat, paru etc).


We ordered a portion of their signature dish which is soto udang (prawn soto) with an additional potato croquette. To be honest, the appearance was quite ordinary, but what I like is that they took the effort to peel the prawn, so I don’t have to struggle with the prawn shell. The taste, however, was very delicious. The broth was tasty and the prawns still have that sweet freshness. The only minus point is that it’s impossible to expect people not to smoke in a place like this, so we have to finish our meal quickly, pay and get out.

Soto Kesawan
Jalan Ahmad Yani (Kesawan) No.116

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  • Ade Putri

    Sinfully delicious!!! Parah banget yaaaa enaknyaaa! *yea, setuju soal asap rokoknya – tapi aku cukup jutek utk sanggup nyuruh orang matiin rokoknya atau minta mereka merokok di luar*

  • leo

    yep…minus poin perokok… tempatnya remang-remang lagi duh… pengap juga.. cuman kayanya memang itu yg bikin suasana makannya jadi unik yah haha…

    ama sinar pagi mantapan mana Jen menurut lu?

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