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June 3, 2010 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Central jakarta, JAKARTA, Noodle

More than a month ago, we were hungry after visiting Inacraft 2010. Our friend, Nath, suggested sotomie for our late dinner, so we headed down to the Mangga Besar area. We found Bakmi Henis a few doors down from Kwetiau Akang & Baso Akiaw. They are also famous for their roti baso. We ordered several kind of dishes such as sotomie, kwetiaw siram etc. Overall, it tasted decent, but I still prefer the one I had at Bogor, sold by a vendor from a movable cart.

Soto Mie Henis

PS: their roti baso ayam is a die die must eat. Nath bought quite a lot of their bread and insisted that we brought some home. I ate it the next morning for breakfast. It was delicious. The bread is still soft and the chicken meat inside tasted great 🙂

RM Henis
Jl Mangga Besar Raya no. 2F
ph +62(21) 629 6501 / 659 2235

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  • andi

    Henis bread is delicious! totally agree with you. their cheese bread also quite good, with strong butter aroma

  • V

    Pernah cobaiin soto mie di Angke gak Jen? Kalo lo ngadep Ps. Kampung Bebek, ada di sebelah kiri, antara Pasar dan toko Jabesmen. Favourite keluarga gue dari kecil … 😀

  • jenz

    waa.. blom Ven.. ntar gw tanya sopi deh.. jadi penasarn pengen coba.

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