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May 21, 2016 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, No Pork, South Jakarta


Last month, we went to Kemang for brunch with a friend. The area has a lot of eateries to choose from but I’ve been dying to try Soulfood by Nanduto as I’ve heard many rave reviews about its food, especially the kembulan platter. The recently opened Indonesian restaurant serves an elevated version of Indonesian food with traditional vintage plating.


The interior is quite nice, dimly-lit & decorated in Indonesian vintage style with old school flowery enamel plates adorning the walls. The smoking area is thankfully upstairs, so we chose to sit on the first floor. There are two types of seatings available, lesehan (without chairs) and tables, but we’re not really keen on lesehan and preferred the ordinary table with chairs.


The menu is presented on an enamel plate. My friend already ordered trio fish cake while waiting for us to arrive. So we went for its specialty which is kembulan lunch platter 175K++ to share. There are several appetizing side dishes to choose from, like empal gentong pete peda ijo (stinky beans cooked with green chili and salty fish) 25K, jengkol jambal merah (jengkol with red salty fish) 30K, tulang jambal (salty and spicy fish bones) 30K, cumi item (squid cooked in it’s own ink) 35K and many more. Given the price of the kembulan platter though, I decided not to order more.


The kembulan lunch platter consists of a portion of nasi cumi (rice cooked with squid ink), nasi merah bilis (red rice cooked with anchovy), ayam gejrot kecombrang (chicken cooked with torch ginger/honje/bunga kencong), daging suwir kemangi (shredded beef with asian basil), tempe abon jambal(tempeh with chicken floss & salty fish), tumis pancawarna (stir fried vegetables), sambel kedondong(ambarella fruit chili sauce) & acar nanas kecombrong (pineapple with torch ginger pickles) and kerupuk putih. It tasted delicious. I especially like the nasi cumi as it tasted so good. The rice was so flavorful but a little spicy, the red rice was also good as it was cooked perfectly. The chicken was also delicious & spicy, and I also like the stir fried vegetables. The tempeh dish was a bit sweeter than my liking and I didn’t really taste kemangi in the shredded chicken.

Overall It was a nice meal to share with friends, and if you don’t eat much rice, I think the platter can satisfy up to 3 persons. Yes, it is quite pricey, but considering the taste and the area, I think it was worth to try.

Soulfood by Nanduto
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 72
Mampang Prapatan
South Jakarta
Phone: +62(21) 22707049
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 9AM-12PM

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