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June 3, 2009 | Central jakarta, Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA

Soup restaurant

Years ago, I’ve visited this place when they were still located at Plaza Semanggi. The restaurant specializes in Chinese-style soups and some of the soups featured in their menu were said to be good for health. However, since they moved to Plaze Indonesia, I haven’t had the chance to visit again. Last month, when we happened to be at Plaza Indonesia, we passed Soup Restaurant. I scanned their menu and was suprised to find that the price is very reasonable. We decided to have dinner there and ordered Teochew olive rice (teochew black olive mixed with rice) 28K, kwetiaw siram, and their soup of the day 40K plus chinese tea. The soup came in the claypot as we ordered the medium size for 2. We were surprise to find the portion to be quite generous and the taste was simply delicious. The soup is clear wintermelon soup. My olive rice came in a rattan basket lined with plastic sheet. The taste was so delicious, I didn’t even want to share this with SC. SC’s kwetiaw was also decent.

Soup restaurant
Several weeks later, we visited it again. I couldn’t help myself to order the same menu: Teochew olive rice, and also soup of the day (small) 20K and double boiled waisan and ginseng roots with chicken soup 28K, steamed rice with chicken and mushroom 28K. Once again, the dishes were delicious. The chicken & mushroom rice has hints of soysauce and chinese sweet wine if I’m not mistaken. The soup of the day was lotus root soup which was very tasty too. Meanwhile, the waisan and ginseng root soup tasted a bit bitter (after all, there’s ginseng in it), but I like it nonetheless. The restaurant was packed both times we were there and some of the patrons are mainland Chinese.

Soup Restaurant
Plaza Indonesia: Lt. 3 – 22, 23A, 24
Ph. +62(21) 39838220.

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  • V

    Jen, I love olive rice. Yg versi di Soup itu, digoreng ato cuma disteam aja?

  • jenz

    di steam doang Ven, gw jadi pengen bikin sendiri, lo pernah bikin?. kata sopi dia pernah liat ada yg jualan black olive di toko buah deket rumah 🙂
    eh setelah gw google, katanya di goreng nasinya. tapi versi yang gw makan ngga berminyak bgt.

  • Jenz

    @V: kemaren ternyata pas gw pulang ke rumah, sopi ngasih gw makan nasi olive, dia nemu olive cincang kalengan & gw ternyata punya resepnya di buku periplus “asian rice dishes” 🙂

  • V

    Cieeee….. 😀

  • lia

    udah coba ayam rebus bawang yg seperti di restoran angke? enak juga ayam rebusnya

  • Yudha

    Barusan tadi sore ngobrol sama ownernya (Medan lang juga) di pesta ultah temen anak. Rupanya anaknya satu sekolah sama anak gw:)

  • paijo

    resto mantap salah satu langganan. olive rice,samsui chicken,ayam goreng terasi,iga monggolia are all my favorites

    tp cobain soup resto di sing, samsui chickennya jauuuh lbh enak dr yg di jkt punya

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