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June 27, 2011 | Central jakarta, Chinese Cuisine, Dimsum, JAKARTA, No Pork

South Beauty Jakarta

Last month, I attended Ratna Somantri’s book launching at South Beauty restaurant. I was so impressed by the finger food they served there, so I decided to visit South Beauty again for dim sum. So, we went there on one sunday morning with several friends. South Beauty (俏江南) is a Beijing-based chain restaurant, offering authentic Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine. The interior of this place is amazing with several spacious private rooms and I love the illuminated dragon paintings on the ceiling.

  • rice-rolls-fresh-shrimp
  • south-beauty
  • south-beauty-congee
  • south-beauty-crispy-special-durian-pastry-puff
  • south-beauty-egg-custard-bun
  • south-beauty-egg-tart
  • south-beauty-four-treasure-of-the-scholars-studio
  • south-beauty-jiaoji-spicy-sauce
  • south-beauty-mango-pudding
  • south-beauty-pan-fried-chicken-beef-bun-scallion
  • south-beauty-pan-fried-lamb-chop-with-chili
  • south-beauty-papaya-puff-pastry

So, as we started ordering, we picked pu erh (普洱茶) for the tea. After that, we ordered jiaozi dumpling with spicy sauce 18K, pan fried chicken and beef bun with scallion and sesame 18K(3pcs), egg tart 28K(3pcs), shaomai stuffed with shrimp and chicken 18K(4pcs), crispy durian pastry puff 38K (3pcs), crispy special papaya pastry 32k (3pcs), taro pastry 28K(3pcs), egg custard bun 18K, steamed shrimp dumpling 18K(4pcs), deep fried spring roll with shredded chicken 18K (3pcs), three delicacies with tofu skin (fish maw, mushroom, and chicken) 38K (2pcs), rice flour roll with fresh shrimps 20.8K, congee with sliced sea mix grouper fish and corn 33.8K, congee with chicken and vegetables 22.8K, pan fried lamb chop with chili 52K/pcs.

South Beauty four treasure of the scholar's studio

Overall, I liked the presentation of the dish, the ingredients have top notch quality and the overall taste was quite delicious. My only problem was that their Sichuan dishes were quite tame, not spicy or hot enough. After that, we ordered desserts: four treasure of the scholar’s studio (文房四宝) 28K, mango pudding 28K, walnut puree 28K and double boiled lotus seed with snow fungus 28K. The four treasure was very interesting. It was shaped like old Chinese writing tools complete with edible brush and ink that can be used to write on the paper made from flour. The other desserts were delicious, except for the mango pudding, which tasted artificial, although it was very pretty with its koi shape. Overall, we’re quite satisfied with this place. The price is definitely on the high side, but I think it was worth a try.

South Beauty JakartaSouth Beauty
Thamrin Nine Podium (UOB Tower)
Upper Ground unit E, F
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 10
Central Jakarta
ph. +62 21 29937227

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  • Jendry

    presentasi makanannya cakep-cakep ya ci south beauty,bikin makin napsu makan hahaha

  • admin

    @jendry & @fooshionista: iya, presentationnya bagus bgt, rasa juga enak. 🙂

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