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February 23, 2013 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, Kaki Lima, Medan, North Sumatra Cuisine, With Pork

While at Delima Restaurant, I remembered Leo once mentioned about Bataknese fried pork seller in Semarang Street, so I asked him about it. He kindly offered to drive us there, so off we go. Semarang Street is full of sidewalk eateries at night. It is situated in parallel with Selat Panjang Street, which also offers many delicious street food. When I mentioned Asan, lots of people assumed it as the famous charsiew seller in Medan. However, this Asan is different as what he sells is Bataknese-style fried pork complete with the andaliman (Indonesian Szechuan pepper) chili sauce. I guess you can say this is a Chinese twist to the Bataknese pork dish. It was delicious and savory, with succulent meat. We actually brought several packs back to Jakarta as souvenir 🙂

Babi Goreng Khas Batak jalan Semarang - Medan

Babi Goreng Asan
Jl. Semarang

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