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January 7, 2015 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Central jakarta, Closed, French Cuisine, JAKARTA, Non Smoking Resto, Western Cuisine, With Pork

Several restaurants have opened at Grand Indonesia in the past two months and one of them is St. Germain by Cacaote. Just like the name suggested, it’s a sister restaurant to the popular Cacaote (read the review here) at Senopati area. Located on the Upper Ground floor of East Mall, just next to H&M, St. Germain’s interior bears the same classic atmosphere like Cacaote, with crystal chandeliers, painted rattan chairs and an appetizing dessert counter. There are also several chairs outside and it’s good to know that this is a non-smoking restaurant.


I went there one weekend last month. It was still early, so we easily got a table. As we haven’t had breakfast yet, we decided to try their all-day brunch menu. I picked charcuterie 120K, while SC opted for pulled pork sandwich (roasted portabella mushroom, asparagus, pesto, rocket and parmesan salad) 95K. For drinks we ordered gold oolong tea 40K and dark chocolate 45K.


The charcuterie came in a very appealing presentation. On the chopping board there were an array of pancetta, ham, cured salmon, cheese of the day, tomato chutney, gherkins, sourdough and warm preserved tuna in a jar. I started with the sourdough, but it tasted burned so I asked for a replacement. Other than that, the dish was delicious and I enjoyed it very much. SC’s pulled pork sandwich was also great, although it looked more like salad than sandwich. After that I went for dessert. As the dessert is just the same with Cacaote, I picked the ones I haven’t tried before. This time I chose lemon meringue choux 28K and it definitely didn’t disappoint.


  • dark-chocolate-st-germain-by-cacaote
  • yellow-gold-oolong-st-germain-by-cacaote
  • charcuterie-st-germain-by-cacaote
  • pulled-pork-sandwich-st-germain-by-cacaote
  • duck-coonfit-st-germain-by-cacaote
  • spaghetti-carbonara-st-germain-by-cacaote
  • lemon-meringue-choux-st-germain-by-cacaote

A week later, I went back there again for dinner with several foodie friends. This time we chose duck leg confit 135K and spaghetti carbonara 90K to share. I tried duck confit once at Cacaote before and it was still as good as I remembered. The meat was tender, perfectly cooked and complemented by the slightly sweet cranberry sauce. The carbonara pasta with crispy bacon bits was also good.

Overall, It’s a notable addition to Grand Indonesia’s restaurants. I would like to go there again from time to time for brunch and dessert.

St. Germain by Cacaote
Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall
Upper Ground floor – East Mall
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Central Jakarta 10350
021-23580018 / 081218636100

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  • leo |

    Yup Jen ini rekomendasinya oke. Nyoba chouxnya enak, pork belly nya juga mantap, sayang porsinya kekecilan hehehe… overall good place, lebih banyak ABG kalo sore pada selfie abis ngedessert hahaha

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