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August 17, 2014 | East Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, Kaki Lima, No Pork, West Jakarta

If you’ve been following my instagram, you might know that I’ve recently developed an obsession about anything that is cooked with cabe ijo (green chili). I’ve been trying several places with such dishes including Kantin Karyawan Grand Indonesia, Remboelan, and Q Smokehouse Factory during the past two months. But my favorite so far is still a very humble kaki lima (street food) vendor that serves pecel lele (deep fried cat fish) as their specialty.


The place is called Warung Pecel Lele Indahnya Malam located not far from Pecel Lele Wandi Putra Samba. At first we went there because SC said their pecel lele is on par with the one at Wandi’s. But when I got there, I saw that they also serve fried chicken with several types of chili sauce like cabe ijo (green chili sauce), rica-rica (Manadonese chili sauce), etc. So I ordered their ayam bejek cabe ijo (smashed fried chicken with green chili sauce). The chicken was well marinated, then deep fried. After that, they heat the green chili sauce and dump the chicken in the pan. When I tasted it, I am hooked. The chicken is delicious and tender. The green chili sauce is a bomb, it was fresh, tangy and very spicy. They used tomatoes, garlic/shallot lemon lime, kaffir leaves along with the green chili slices that makes a very irresistible chili sauce. I like to eat it with warm rice, even though they also serve nasi uduk (coconut rice). I think the spiciness will be toned down if I ate it with nasi uduk.


SC’s favorite here is their pecel lele (deep fried cat fish). They served it with the usual sambal terasi and kemangi (Asian basil). It was delicious, the meat was succulent, clean tasting and fried thoroughly. The chili sauce they used for the pecel lele might not be as spicy as in other places that serve the same dish, but it was delicious.


So far, I’ve been going to this place at least once a week, except when they closed for nearly three weeks during the recent Lebaran holiday. I’ve also bought the ayam bejek cabe ijo to go and used the leftover green chili sauce over pasta once, and into my fried rice on another occasion. So, if you happen to be in the Taman Palem area around dinner time, give this place a try.

Warung Pecel Lele Indahnya Malam
Taman Surya 3
Cengkareng – West Jakarta.
ph. +62(21) 93121023

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  • bambangarianto

    mantepp.. pecel lele cabe ijo.. nikmat.. pedeess.. huu haaahh.. 🙂
    Thanks for your info Jen n SC.. 🙂

  • sopjagung

    Sebentar, sebentar, yang pake cabe ijo kan cuma ayam? Kok ini jadi pecel lele cabe ijo? Menu special request ya? hehehehehehe

  • bambangarianto

    yupp.. bisa kok lele cabe ijo.. jadi buat lele lover plus cabe ijo lover mangkin mangstab.. hehe..

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