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December 26, 2007 | Closed, Thai & Vietnam Cuisine

Last week, we had dinner at Suan Thai Bangkok Restaurant Pluit. When I google this restaurant, I found out this is the oldest Thai restaurant in Jakarta. I guess the place in Pluit is their new branch (besides The one at Cideng Timur 58 & Bulungan I no.64). When we entered. the place was quite spacious, light and warm, although I’m not really like their interior. The menu list was quite impressive, we ordered Kaphrao gai (minced chicken cooked with basil) 35.8K, Poo Tod Kra Tiam (deep fried crab with chilli, garlic and shallot) 66.8K and for dessert we ordered Kao niao Durian (Durian served with sticky rice and poured with coconut milk) 17.8K. Usually I like to eat Pad kaphrao Kai width sticky rice (ketan), but there’s no sticky rice on the menu, so we ordered jasmine rice 5K. Overall the meal was delicious, although not as spicy as I wanted. but they put slices of bird eye chilies in the chicken which makes it so delicious (SC feel’s so miserable). The crab was also not bad, we even have to add another portion of rice to finished the meal 🙂

Suan Thai

Suan Thai
Bangkok Restaurant

Jl. Pluit Putra Raya No.16
North Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 661 6057, 661 6058

Lunch: 11:30-14:30

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  • Venny

    SC feel’s so miserableAhahahaha… Kasian :)). Kalo Thai resto lo suka yg mana Jen? Gue suka La Na Thai, tapi mahalnya males 🙁

  • Jenz

    mm jarang makan makanan Thai sih.. jadi ngga ada preference, tapi kemaren abis nyobain jittlada lumayan enak juga 🙂

  • sopjagung

    Tom yam-nya enak sih, tapi gue nyobainnya udah hampir 5 tahun yang lalu :))

  • Diana

    sekarang ada di Jl. Cideng Timur No. 58, kemarin mlm baru cobain lagi setelah sekian lama tutup di pluit.. tom yam nya nyummiee sekalii… segerrrrrr =)

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