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March 17, 2016 | Bandung, INDONESIAN CUISINE, With Pork

Sudirman Street is the latest alfresco food court that has opened near Jalan Cibadak. I’ve been wanting to visit the place as I’ve heard many rave reviews about how this is THE place to visit for pork lovers. So, on our first night in Bandung, we went there for dinner. As my foodie friend Harnaz informed me, just park at Jalan Cibadak and look for Ronde Jahe Alkateri‘s stall. The entrance to Sudirman Street Food Court will be right next to the stall. Alternatively, the food court can also be accessed via Jalan Sudirman where the entrance is right next to Martabak Capitol.


As I walked in, I was surprised to find the whole alley clean and bright. Some eye-catching murals are on the wall that will surely attract visitors to stop and take selfies with the murals. I think it’s a clever marketing trick to promote the place on social media. After we passed the mural wall, there are some nicely decorated food stalls on each side of the alley and a bunch of tables and chairs in the middle of the alley for the dining area.


Each of us wandered around to look for what we liked for dinner. There are so many choices with quite a few selling pork. As usual, SC went looking for his favorite ambokue while I wandered around and ended up on a place called Wibisana where pork satays were being grilled in front of the stall. The aroma was so enticing I decided to give them a try. So I ordered a portion of pork satay with rice. Then I saw that they also serve bakut sayur asin, so I ordered that too plus some baso goreng to share. I paid the bill then returned to our table and waited for our orders to arrive.

SC’s order, Ambokue, consists of egg, tofu, ngohiong, pig’s ear, lapchiong (pork sausages), cucumber etc. It’s served drenched with a sticky sweet brown sauce. It seems to be a fusion of Chinese and Indonesian ingredients, and it’s a dish unique to Bandung. It tasted quite good, but SC felt that the one sold on Jalan Cibadak tasted better.


Then my order arrived, the pork satay with bakut sayur asin and baso goreng. They all tasted good, nicely seasoned and cooked right. The pork satays were succulent and not too sweet. Not exactly the best I ever had, but surely enjoyable.


Overall we enjoyed what we ate at Sudirman Street that night. The place was clean and the vibe was good. There are still some stalls I wanted to try, especially the martabak babi. But as we were all really full, I think I’ll have to postpone it for our next visit.

Sudirman Street Day & Night Market
South Gate: Jl. Cibadak No.114
North Gate: Jl. Jendral Sudirman No.107
Bandung, West Java

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