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August 16, 2013 | Central jakarta, Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, No Pork

I’ve never been to a Chinese Muslim restaurant, and many Chinese restaurants I frequented usually just state whether they serve pork/not. That is until recently, when a friend of mine told me about a place called Sulaiman at the busy street of Wahid Hasyim. The place serves delicious Chinese Muslim dishes. So we went there with some friends several weeks ago for a breakfasting get together. The place is not big but clean, and it can seat about 30 guests. The grilling station is placed at the front/outdoor, so there’s no smoke wafting into the dining area. And a big plus point for me is that all indoor areas are designated non-smoking.


Apparently, the owner of the restaurant are a Chinese Muslim from XinJiang (新疆), so the dishes are pretty authentic. They mostly use mutton/lamb and beef rather than duck or seafood. The menu is separated into several sections: rice dishes, Lamian /拉面 (Chinese handmade noodle), fried dishes, grilled dishes and bread dishes. So without further ado, let’s dig in.

  • sulaiman-daging-kambing-ziran
  • sulaiman-mie-daging-kambing
  • sulaiman-mutton-curry
  • sulaiman-nasi-goreng-kambing
  • sulaiman-roti-gepeng-bakar
  • sulaiman-sate-kambing
  • sulaiman-terong-panggang

We ordered some of their specialties which are: roti gepeng bakar (kind of baked flat bread that resembles naan/ Indian baked flat bread) 12K, sate kambing (lamb satay/kebab) 80K, daging kambing ziran (lamb cooked in ziran/孜然 spices) 80K, Lamb fried rice 30K, Mie daging kambing + daun bawang goreng cepat (homemade noodle with stirred fried lamb meat and green onions) 38K, grilled eggplant 12K and kare kambing (lamb curry) 50K. Overall most of the dishes tasted delicious and without any strong lamb aroma that some people despise. I especially like the lamb kebab. It was well seasoned and the grill resulted in tender meat. The lamb cooked in ziran (cumin) spice was also good, not too spicy and it came with a lot of cilantro leaves which I like so much. The lamb curry was quite different from the usual thick coconut milk curry we had in Indonesia. It was more like lamb cooked in a mild tomato sauces, but it tasted good nonetheless. The lamian (拉面) is a little on the soft side rather than the al dente noodle we usually had, but again, it’s still delicious. All in all, we’re quite satisfied with the dishes served at Sulaiman Chinese Muslim Restaurant. I think I’ll be back with my family for more.

Sulaiman Chinese Moslem Restaurant
Jl. Wahid Hasyim no. 116
Central Jakarta
ph. 0858 83471336

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  • rifki

    Sulaiman Chinese Muslim Restaurant moved to Jl.Batu Ceper Raya No.73 – Jakarta Pusat (behind pasar baru) 085883471336 – 081229725281.Also available NON HOMOGENIZED COW MILK and NEW FOOD with the REAL NORTHERN CHINESE TASTE.

  • khan

    Restoran pindah ke Jl.Batu Ceper Raya No.73 – Jakarta Pusat (Belakang pasar baru) 085883471336 – 081229725281.Tersedia SUSU ASLI dan MENU BARU dengan citarasa ASLI CHINA UTARA di tmpt yg lbh besar!!

  • John

    Kok makan di Sulaiman harus bayar sewa piring ? kaga masuk diakal. Service charge buat apa ?

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