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February 7, 2009 | Bandung, Cakes, Bread & Dessert, International Cuisine

Sumber Hidangan
Last month, on our short trip to Bandung, we visited the famous Sumber Hidangan for a quick lunch. Situated at Braga, a road steeped in nostalgia, Sumber Hidangan is one of Bandung’s food icons that sells Dutch-style bread and delicacies. The ambiance of this place is so old that most of the staff and waiter looked like they’ve worked here for ages. Every Bandungers I know, including their parents, have fond memories of this place.

Sumber Hidangan
After browsing for a while, we picked some delicacies: roti gambang 3K, Doublet Bokkepootjes and Frou frou Mocca to eat. We got a table and ordered
Bestik sapi komplit 25K, sorbet framboise 8K. My friend asked for yogurt that is advertised on the window and the waiter drily answered, “yes, we serve yogurt, but that was 20 years ago”. Overall the meal was delicious. The bistik was great, though it’s not for those looking for a medium rare slab of meat. At first I thought the beef was going to taste very sweet (judging from the color of its sauce), but it turned out that the taste was more savory than sweet. I also liked the sorbet framboise which reminds me of soda gembira.

Sumber Hidangan
Jl Braga No.20 – 22
ph: +62(22) 423-6638
Monday to Saturday from 08:30 – 19:00

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  • marlin

    kelihatannya masih seperti yg dulu yah, bagaimana Braga Permai ?.

  • kangbayu

    One thing I always order here is their Marsipan, sweet and delicious. Too bad now it’s a rare item that only available on certain days (forgot which days), but they say if we come in the morning they can make it by order. 5K a piece.

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