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September 17, 2010 | Chinese Cuisine, Closed, North Jakarta, With Pork

Supreme Cuisine

We saw a new restaurant at Emporium Pluit Mall several weeks ago. From the outside, it looks like one of those ginseng/bird’s nest stores, which sells expensive things we can’t afford (or want). Still, out of curiosity, we checked the menu list placed in front of the restaurant. It turned out that if we don’t order those healthy soups with ginseng, prices are quite reasonable. So last week, we decided to try it.

We ordered Sop Bunga Teratai & Bakut 30K which was quite tasty with a portion that is large enough for 2 people. Satisfied by the result, we went back there again with SC’s family for lunch the next day. This time we ordered two soups: Coconut ginseng chicken soup 78K, Ikan gabus chong chau hua 68K, and several kinds of dishes: Brokoli saus tiram 38K, Mun Tahu 40K, Bihun Goreng Supreme 35K, Hainamnese chicken rice 7K with Chinese tea 6K. The Coconut ginseng chicken soup came in a coconut shell. The soup was delicious with a slightly bitter kick from the use of ginseng and other kinds of herbs. The Ikan gabus chong chau hua was also delicious, although later on we found out the fish was undercooked. The other dishes, though decent, were nothing special.

Supreme Cuisine

Supreme Cuisine
Chinese Herbal & Healthy Soup
Traditional Chinese Food
Mall Emporium Pluit lt.4 No. 38
ph. +62 21 66676825

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    Liat foto pertama, gue baca judulnya jadi ‘extreme cuisine’ :)) :))

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