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May 26, 2014 | JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, Non Smoking Resto, North Jakarta


SC and I have been looking for a good sushi place near where we live, and it turned out to be quite hard to find decent ones in West Jakarta / North Jakarta. Other than Sushi Tei, we kept drawing blanks. However, I recently heard about a sushi place called Sushi Masa located at Muara Baru. I’ve heard about Muara Baru, but never ventured there. So about a month ago, I finally convinced the skeptical SC to have lunch there.


So off we go, guided by Google Maps. Sushi Masa is located at the northern tip of North Jakarta, inside the Muara Baru Port. There’s no visible sign of the restaurant from the outside, but at last we found it. The place is spacious, with two separate dining areas, the tables and the sushi bar. We decided to sit at the sushi bar, so we can watch the chef preparing dishes.


We’re given an ala carte menu, covering an extensive list of sushi, sashimi, makimono, grilled/cooked/deep fried dishes, live seashells, salad and udon/soba. After scanning the menu, we decided to order sashimi teishoku set 140K, chawan mushi 25K, salmon belly aburi sushi 35K, ama ebi sushi 40K and saba sushi 30K



Our sashimi set was prepared in front of us by a very skillful sushi chef. The fish was cut prefectly, really fresh, juicy and sweet. I didn’t even need to dip it into the shoyu/soy sauce. Oh, they even provide freshly grated wasabi. The sushi were also top notch, I especially like the sweet and juicy ama ebi sushi. Although the price was quite steep, it was worth every rupiah.


Since we’re still not full yet, we decided to order SC’s favorite: saba shioyaki (ala carte) 40K. I noticed the price was very affordable compared to other mainstream sushi joints. The portion was also quite generous. The chef taught us to pour a litle shoyu onto the finely chopped daikon ball, then eat it with the fish. It was so good, I almost finished this by myself since SC was busy talking to the chef.

Overall, it was a very nice dining experience at Sushi Masa. The staff and chefs were friendly. We’ve even planned our next visit and what to try. If you want to go here during the weekend, it is advisable to make a reservation ahead. The omakase at Sushi Masa costs just a hair below Rp 1,3 million, quite pricey but hopefully one day I’ll get the chance to try it.

Two weeks ago, we went back to Sushi Masa with 2 friends. Since we arrived without prior reservation, the only seats available are at the sushi bar, which is not a problem to us. So this time we ordered combo moriawase 450K which consists of assorted sushi and sashimi, served beautifully and tasted fresh as expected.


We also ordered saba misoyaki set 60K, wakame salad 30K, tempura soba 140K. All tasted good in my mouth. Turned out that day they have uni (sea urchin) available, so we ordered an uni sushi 100K just to know what it tasted like. To me it was nothing special. After that, I challenged myself to order maguro natto (まぐろ納豆) – tuna with Japanese fermented soybeans 40K and surprisingly quite liked it. I also like their sake chazuke (茶漬け) 45K which is a simple rice topped with (tea?) broth and salmon chunk. Lastly we also ordered beef hobayaki 110K which is slices of beef and miso paste grilled on top of hoba leaf.

  • Wakame Salad
  • Saba Misoyaki Set
  • Tempura Soba
  • Uni Sushi
  • Maguro Natto
  • Sake Chazuke
  • Beef Hobayaki

After those amazing experience, we look forward to come back again. Perhaps I’ll have to start saving, so I can try their fugu (河豚 or 鰒; フグ) or tsubugai (螺貝, ツブガイ) sashimi.

Sushi Masa
Jl Tuna Raya 5, 3-4F, Muara Baru
Penjaringan – North Jakarta
ph. +6221-2926-3561
Operating hours: 12AM – 2PM, 6PM – 10PM (closed on Monday)

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  • Clunker

    Fugu! Can’t wait for the review. I tried it like a decade ago in States. They garnished it with chrysant flowers and they said, the antidote shot is ready, just in case. Scared the shit out of me.

  • Jenz

    @Clunker If I’m not mistaken, I think fugu served at Sushi Masa is cooked into tempura, not sashimi.

  • Desi

    Bad experience! Food served was too long. Already cancel but then came along with the bill. Price too expensive. Taste not that special. Review over rated.

  • Jenz

    Hi Desi,
    I went there with my family last month for lunch and I agree that the service can be very slow during weekends, but I’ve been there a few times and the food never disappoints (at least for me). Perhaps you caught them on a bad day?

    PS: I’m not Sushi Masa’s PR, I went there incognito and paid for what I ate and wrote about my experience honestly. 🙂

  • james

    hi jenz, thanks for the review i hav heard about this place a lot from my friend but didnt dare to try it cuz its so far, i finally tried it weeks ago and it was great and worth the traffic. but i heard they opened another restaurant upstairs that serve shabu2,yakiniku,etc. hav you tried it yet? i search around but there’s no review yet, im afraid to try new restaurants if they’re very far..

  • sopjagung

    Hi James, kita juga belum pernah coba juga restoran barunya, jadi belum bisa kasih rekomendasi. With that said, shabu-shabu and yakiniku need fresh ingredients for them to taste good. If the restaurants are in the same group and they can keep the ingredients as fresh as Sushi Masa’s… it might be good 😀

  • Dee

    Hi Jen, resto ini cabang dari sushisho masa di Jepang bukan ya? Any idea? Coz that sushi joint is known to be better than Jiro’s, which says a LOT!

  • Dee

    Hi Jen, resto ini cabang dari sushisho masa di Jepang bukan ya? Any idea? Coz that sushi joint is known to be better than Jiro’s, which says a LOT! 😀

  • yorisijak

    Sashimi disana enak bgt, thanks for the review !

  • Velasco

    Pengen nyobain tapi belum kesampean. Ini satu company sama yang di Baywalk kan?

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