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April 27, 2006 | Central jakarta, JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine

Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei
Plaza Indonesia
Units L1 #102A&C
JI.M.H.Thamrin Kav.28-30
Jakarta 10350

Ph. +62(21) 39835108/109
Fax. +62(21) 39835110

Operating Hours:
10.00am – 10.00pm Daily

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  • chietzy

    one of my it!!!

  • devy

    great japanese cuisine &great interior…love it!!

  • yulli

    suasana tempatnya enak,dagh gt harganya gak terlalu mahal pula,tapi kalo lage rame pelayananya agak lama

  • david

    Good Food.. Nice Place to hang out….
    and Nice Blog to become inspiration after office hour/for dinner with friends….

  • herlina

    Kalo gue pribadi sih, lebih suka Poke Sushi(sebrang DWS), sama2 fusion food, tapi tastenya lebih strong and menunya beda ama yg lain. Oke deh.

  • Benn

    Sushi tei is Amazing. . THey serve not only a Japanese food.. but the service is almost perfect. . the layout of the restaurant is really nice and also bring the japanese environment to the restaurant. . it was a very good experience that i ever ate a Japanese food at an awesome place like Sushi Tei. . THanks..Arigato Gozaimasu

  • Teddy

    Sushi Tei is the best to my opinion. Compared to other Japanese restaurants that serve sushi they serve bigger portions of sashimi, taste is great for the rolls etc, compared to other I have tried like Poke Sushi, Sushi Nobu and Midori. For price and portion Midori would come close but atmosphere and location is not as good.

  • shellia

    hmm…bayangin aja uda laper… apalagi lunch time gini 😀
    Sushi Tei favorite ku banget..


    Sushi Tei is the best…

  • novianto waskito

    Iya, sushi tei walaupun is not the best but reasonable price. sudah ada sushi tei yang lain di plasa senayan dan pim 2. oishi

  • novianto waskito

    novianto waskito write :
    sushi tei
    pim 2 75920800
    ps 5730928
    plaza indonesia 39835108
    come and enjoy your sushi

  • barista

    good one.. but don’t ever compare it with real Japanese sushi in Tokyo.. still far 😀

  • fadel

    Interesting Place….nice taste especially jumbo dragon roll…great interior design…what a cozy place to bite a sushi

  • karina

    perfect place for enjoying sushi until now in my opinion, perfect price, perfect taste, lots of menu, and the ambience is quite good!! apalagi ochanya refill, haha..
    klo poke sushi, ada yg enak bgt sih (u all have to try volcano menu), tp porsinya gede2 bgt motongnya, jd cpet kenyang, pdhl kan all u can eat.. n servingnya ga gitu tempting.. hehehe

  • Yan

    Apakah ini ganti nama dari Sushi-Sei yang dulu di Ratu Plaza lalu pindah ke sini?

  • Meg

    Sushi Tei is the first sushi with simple,modern,cozy japanese place in jkt, the taste is light,suit with our indo taste, always be my favorite.

  • V

    Sushi Tei is one of the worst Japanese restaurants I’ve been to. The sushi broke apart on the plate (an indication of poorly made sushi!), the sashimi was limp and stale. Everything tasted overwhelmingly thick. It wasn’t Japanese at all.
    The one in Plaza Indonesia was very very different from their chain in Singapore. I was so disappointed.

  • missb.

    Emg beda c sm yg di sg, tp mnrt gue yg di indo looks nicer. Menunya jg lebih byk dan keliatan lebih fresh makanannya. Tmptnya juga.

  • Samuel

    ini reviewnya sudah lama. Sekarang 2011, sushi Tei apa masi OK? Antara harga dan kualitas apa sebanding? Tolong masukkan dari yang lain!

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