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June 27, 2013 | Beverages, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, South Jakarta


Amid the booming trend of coffee shops and fancy bubble tea drinks in Jakarta, there’s a new place in Gandaria area that serves up a range of Indonesian traditional drinks collectively known as Jamu. Situated in Petogogan street, the place is easy to find. I quite like the place’s interior, it have a vintage yet chic ambience with exposed brick columns, antique chairs and vintage tidbits. It really works well with what they offer.


The menu is quite extensive, with Jamu for women, men and even kids. If you’re new to this kind of herbal concoctions, there are a few cold and fresh drinks selection to choose from. As our group is all female, we opted to try Jamu dedicated for women. So we ordered jamu wanita ayu 91 (for smooth and healthy skin) 9K, jamu galian putri (for slimming effect) 9K, jamu galian singset (reduce fat and weight) 9K, some cold & healthy drinks: tamarin (kunyit asam, for refreshing effect) 12K, alang alang (to soothe internal heat) 12K, coco mango (temulawak mixed with mango and coconut jelly) 18K, beras kencur (for stamina) 12K and some snack to munch on: pisang goreng krispi (banana fritters with grated cheese and caramel sauce) 12.5K, tahu goreng krispi lada garam (fried bean curd with salt and chilly) 15K, and bubur kacang merah (red bean porridge with coconut milk) 9.5K.

  • bubur-kacang-merah
  • suwe-ora-jamu-cold-drink
  • suwe-ora-jamu-jamu
  • suwe-ora-jamu-pisang-krispi
  • suwe-ora-jamu-tahu-krispi-lada-garam

Overall we’re satisfied with what we had that day at Suwe Ora Jamu. The Jamu is good (bitter but thankfully came with a glass of honey 2K), the cold drinks were refreshing and delicious. The food was only so so but still acceptable. So have you tried Jamu yet?

Suwe Ora Jamu
Jl. Petogogan I/No.28B
Kramat Pela, Gandaria Utara
South Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 72790590
Operating Hours: 11.00-23.00

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  • Nova

    Thank you for your visit in Suwe Ora Jamu… Salam kenal 🙂

  • Lily Choo

    Hi Nova,

    Saya berminat utk mengadakan pertemuan group saya di tempat Suwe Ora Jamu, boleh email saya? Terima kasih.


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