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November 30, 2006 | INDONESIAN CUISINE

After Miitem, we went to Papaya Fresh Gallery ( a Japanese minimarket that sells mostly Japanese food) in Melawai to do some shopping where I found the most delicious japanese cheese cake 🙂 after that we headed west for dinner at Swike Purwodadi, located in Greenville housing complex. the restaurant was humble and small but clean. we ordered : 1 portion of swike (frog legs cooked in thick fermented soy soup) 14K and 1 “kodok goreng mentega” (deep fried frog legs served with sweet soy sauce) 18K and 2 big glass of fresh orange juice @ 10K. To tell the truth maybe we put so much expectation on the swike so it tasted so so to us, not bad though, the other meal was good & the orange juice was so refreshing. we noticed that most of the visitors there were from Central Java who missed the food of their hometown. 🙂

Swike Purwodadi

Swike Purwodadi
Khas Semarang

Jl. Mangga Raya No.18
Green Ville – Duri Kepa
West Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 5694 2791

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  • Andaliman

    Dohhh ini bener-bener menggoda, udah lama gak makan swike. Kapan2 nyoba bikin ahh, abis gak ada yg jual swike disini, masih untung ada kaki katak frozen.

  • arfi binsted

    i love your site. i suppose i can link you to my sidebar?
    lovely photos, lovely reports.

  • Elisa sutanudjaja

    Barusan tadi lunch makan Swieke Jatiwangi yang cabang dari Puncak .. aduh enaknya 🙂
    Makan swieke kuah plus swieke goreng mentega. Passss deh rasanya.
    Ada juga cabangnya di Mabes jen, udah pernah coba ?

  • Ay Lian

    wuih.. enak banget nii swikee anak gw aja doyan tuh..

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