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September 8, 2014 | Central Java Cuisine, East Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, West Jakarta

Frog legs aren’t just eaten in French / Canton cuisine. Indonesia also have dishes with frog legs, though they are admittedly an influence brought by waves of Chinese immigrations into the archipelago. One such dish is called swikee, frog legs soup spiced with tauco (fermented soy bean paste), garlic and ginger, served with fried garlic slices and celery. In Jakarta, there are several restaurants serving swikee and one of them is LIOS


LIOS is located on jalan Tanjung Duren Raya. The decor was nothing to talk about, but it’s clean and well-managed. Judging from the lack of air conditioning and open facade, I assume this place has a free smoking policy. Luckily when we went there for lunch about 2 weeks ago, it was still early so there weren’t any guests sitting there yet except us.

Besides swikee, LIOS also serves several types of frog dishes like kodok goreng tepung, kodok goreng mentega and pepes telor kodok (this is my favorite, but I didn’t order it this time since it’s usually quite spicy and SC can’t handle spicy dishes). For those who can’t eat frog dishes, no worries. LIOS also serves some Central Javanese dishes like tahu pong (deep fried bean curd with hollow space in the center of the beancurd), It can be combined with eggs or gimbal (prawn fritters). They also have garang asem ayam kampung (hot and sour free-range chicken soup cooked wrapped in banana leaf), fried chickens, and several vegetable dishes.


  • garang-asem-lios
  • tahu-pong-komplit-lios
  • swike-purwodadi-lios

So that day, we ordered a bowl of swikee 28K, garang asem ayam kampung 30K and tahu pong komplit to eat with warm rice. The service was quick and our meals were brought out soon, accompanied with a tray of condiments (green & red chili sauce) and lime. It was delicious. The frog legs and garang asem were in generous portions, although I think the swikee‘s broth was a bit too mild. The same goes for the garang asem as I felt it was not spicy enough for me, but I later found out that crushing the bird eye chili into the soup will add a nice spicy kick. We found the tahu pong komplit very enjoyable, as the petis sauce was not to spicy. So if you like frog legs, do give this place a try.

Swike Purwodadi LIOS
Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya No. 84
West Jakarta
Ph. +62(21) 5644060

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