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April 6, 2011 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, Medan, North Sumatra Cuisine, With Pork

One of my plans in Medan was to try Bataknese cuisine, and I’ve heard about several places that served Bataknese dishes such as Tabo Ba and On Do (next review). So I persuaded my friends to try it at lunch time on our third day in Medan. We went to the Multatuli Housing Complex first and after getting lost several times, we arrived at the location.

Tabo Ba

Still in icip-icip mode, we only ordered a portion of babi panggang & pulos-pulos which looked like daun ubi tumbuk (pounded cassava leaves) with additional ikan teri (tiny salted sea fish), kecombrang/honje cooked in coconut milk. We also ordered a portion of bine-bine which they explained as pepes babi. Some of us couldn’t resist to order rice to eat with. The dishes were delicious. I liked the fresh taste of the pulos-pulos and, most of all, I loved the sambal andaliman (Indonesian szechuan pepper) that accompanied the roast pork. I don’t really like the bine-bine though. The only minus point of this place is that the place looked more like a Chinese restaurant (they also serve Chinese porridge) while I was hoping to try authentic Bataknese dishes. But I think restaurants like these cater to Chinese or non Bataknese customers.

RM. Tabo Bah
Grill Batak
Kompleks Multatuli Indah Blok D 48-49
ph. +62 61 4570673

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  • V

    lo ada foto sambel andalimannya gak? Gua penasaran sama the so-called ‘Indonesian Szechuan pepper’

  • admin

    ada ven, gw share di twitpic ya :
    di Jakarta sih katanya ada yg jual di pasar mayestik, ntar pas lo pulang ya, gw juga lagi cari2 resepnya 🙂

  • Denny Harun Bangun

    Psr. Senen, mayestik, pondok gede, psr minggu ada bumbu andaliman, kalo mau yg sdh jadi ke lapo di jl. Lap. Tembak senayan atau lapo lapo di jakarta

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