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February 15, 2006 | CUISINE, Medan, Thai & Vietnam Cuisine

Bihun Kari AyamOne of the food I tried in Medan last holiday was Bihun Kari Ayam (Chicken Curry served with rice noodle) at RM Tabona. I insisted to have lunch here the first day I arrived. RM Tabona served a delicious Chicken Curry & Beef Curry, usually eaten with rice or bihun. The curry tasted so different from the one I tried at Padangnese restaurants. It tasted richer and spicier.

RM. Tabona
Jl. Wajir/Mangkubumi no 1
(in front of Brastagi Fruit Store)

is a 2 story Thai restaurant located in Sinar Plasa Complex. We ordered Tom Yam Thalai 38K, Kheow Wan Gai 35K and Kailan with Garlic 29K. Not bad but not really special too 🙂

Tom Yam Thalai 38K, Kheow Wan Gai 35K, Kailan with Garlic 29K

Restoran Thai

Jl. Guru Patimpus Block G No. 11
Komplek Sinar Plaza
Phone +62 (61) 4561631

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  • flona

    waiyoo abis pulkam yaaa? happy belated V day

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