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December 30, 2007 | Indian Cuisine

Last week we passed a place called Taj Mahal at Pasar Baru. Actually I heard that there’s an Indian restaurant in this area but not sure if this is the one. From the outside, the place doesn’t look inviting (I wasn’t even sure whether this is a restaurant or a pub). After confirming with a “tukang parkir” nearby, we entered the building. We were greeted by a shabby air conditioned room full with smoke. We hesitated for a moment but decided to take a seat. There were several occupied tables, but it seems like we’re the only Indonesians. The waiter gave us a menu that is a mix of Indian, Pakistan & Arabian food. We ordered a portion of paneer pulao, sweet lassi, masala tea, and 2 pieces of samosa. Overall the meal was delicious and quite authentic, but I’m not sure if we will be back to this place again or not 🙂

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Restaurant
Indian – Pakistan & Arabic Food

Jl. H. Samanhudi No.10A (near “Metro” Pasar Baru”
ph. +62(21) 3813754

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  • Ling

    Hi Jen,
    ini deket sama rumah aku.. dan udah beberapa kali makan di sana.. emang sih secara tempat tuh kurang representatif banget.. tapi buat makanannya, cukup nendang.. sayang banget yah.. coba kalo dah lebih dibagusin lagi.. FYI, sekarang udah jauh lebih baik ketimbang dulu.. pernah ngobrol dengan adik owner-nya.. katanya sih mereka rencana buka di sunter juga..sekaligus ada butiknya di sana.. cuma gak tau nih, dah buka apa belum yah..

  • Francesca

    This is my favorite Indian restaurant in Jakarta! Forget those swanky Indian joints frequented by pretentious Jakarta socialites who can’t even stand the pungent aroma of Indian spices. I grew up in India and ever since I stepped inside the restaurant, the pleasant memories of eating out in a simple Indian eatery in a big Indian city came rushing back to me. Shabby place, indeed, but you can never go wrong with anything on the menu!

  • Mz gie

    I went to this place several of time with mates and we love it apart from the place! huahaha! The food is great with reasonable prices but well just ignore the place’s decoration and stuff hehe! the rests are all good… =]

  • arfi

    sounds delicious!

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